Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cochon Butcher : Nashville

Cochon Butcher - Nashville

Cochon Butcher Nashville

          I finally made it over to Cochon Butcher in Germantown a couple of weeks ago and loved the experience! The original Cochon Butcher is in New Orleans, but they've brought their flavor to the Music City for us to get a taste of the Big Easy!

          I visited for lunch during the week and it was packed! There are a lot of folks who work in the neighborhood and in the downtown area who obviously choose Cochon Butcher as one of their favorite lunchtime spots too. There are a couple of restaurants in the strip that houses this restaurant, but all I had to do was follow the aroma of meat being cooked over an open pit to find what I was looking for :-)

          Here's how they describe themselves : " It’s a butcher shop, a sandwich counter and a wine bar. Inspired by old-world meat markets, Butcher specializes in house made meats, terrines and sausages, the fresh cuts are handpicked and ready-to-cook items available daily. "

Click HERE to check out their awesome photo gallery of dishes they offer!

What I loved:

❒ The Smoked Turkey sandwich is perfect for lunch!

❒ The side of Mac & Cheese I ordered with my Turkey Sandwich was fabulous too! I could go back........... just for the Mac & Cheese

❒ If you're meat lover......this is a perfect restaurant for you!

❒ It's located in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville - close to downtown, but set apart far enough from downtown that nearby parking is not an issue

❒ I experienced great customer service and loved the ambiance

❒ They cater and have a great catering menu.....including Deviled eggs - Yum!

Cochon Butcher Nashville
There's no way you can miss finding this green building on 4th Ave in Germantown!

Great outdoor seating (even though it was waaaaaay to cold to sit outdoors the day I dined lol)
Cochon Butcher Nashville

The Smoked Turkey Sandwich is delicious!

Cochon Butcher: www.cochonbutcher.com

1120 4th Avenue North
Suite 101
Nashville, TN 37208

- Dr. April

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