Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bartaco Nashville

Bartaco Nashville


          Bartaco is one of the newest additions to the 12 South neighborhood in Nashville! I'd heard that this place gets pretty crowded the later in the evening it gets so my Hubby and I made sure to get there right around Happy Hour time. I'm glad we did because by the time we left there was a pretty long wait to get a table. This wasn't even on a weekend night........it was a Tuesday evening!

Here's what I like about Bartaco:

✠ The decor is awesome

✠ They have a great patio in front of the restaurant so if you like to people-watch as folks go down the street, this spot is for you!

✠ They have an AWESOME warm Apple Cider made with Apple Pie Moonshine (It may be just a winter thing....I'll have to double check). It's so awesome that a couple of days later I went out and bought a jar of Apple Pie Moonshine and a jug of Apple Cider to re-create it at home :-). It's quite a tasty wind-down drink for us at home!

✠ The Mexican Street Corn is ON POINT! My husband and I are currently looking up recipes to re-create this at home too :-)

✠ The service was fast and good

✠ The tacos are delicious !

✠ The Key Lime Pie in a jar and the Chocolate Gelato are both great desserts I highly recommend!

Bartaco Nashville

Bartaco Nashville

Bartaco Nashville

Bartaco Nashville

2526 12th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37203

- Dr. April

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