Thursday, July 9, 2015

5th and Taylor

5th & Taylor

          One of the newest restaurants to hit the food scene in Nashville is 5th & Taylor in the Germantown neighborhood! I tried it out for an after-work social gathering with a couple of my girls a few weeks ago and loved it! Here are a couple of things a enjoyed from that evening:

 These dinner rolls are just lovely :-)

I almost could have just stuck with a 2nd order of these Sausage Cheddar biscuits (appetizer)...they are that good!!!

 This beer-can chicken is super delicious and juicy! (Note: I don't think they normally leave the can of beer with the diner, but you know his food blogger asked them to lol!). The mashed potatoes are perfect with this chicken!

 How dang-on awesome is this dessert?? It's the Elvis Moon Pie complete with bananas, peanut butter, chocolate, bacon on the bottom...AND a picture of Elvis crafted in chocolate right there on the plate!!!

❒  Reservations are highly suggested
❒  I love that they offer complimentary valet parking (remember to tip the valet!)
❒  They have a pretty large outdoor patio with it's own bar!
❒  It's pretty easy to find because the address is self explanatory - 5th & Taylor Streets (lol)

- Dr. April