Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pink Goes Red for Heart Disease Awareness

Pink Goes Red for Heart Disease Awareness

          Let me first start with a confession.....I actually started this post last year (Yes, like 2014!!!!). Somehow it got lost in the shuffle and I'm just now realizing that I never posted it lol! 

          However, I put this post together in observance on the American Heart Association's "Go Red For Women" Campaign and the program that my sorority chapter (The Kappa Lambda Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc ) did to recognize this day last February. Since my Sorority's official colors are Pink & Green, we call our event "Pink Goes Red for Heart Disease Awareness"

          This "Go Red For Women Campaign occurs every year in February and since we are once again in it is!!

Go Red For Women

          I was responsible for coming up with some cute, heart-healthy snacks for our event. I cut out hearts in these apples simply by using a heart-shaped cookie cutter to punch out and remove only the skin of the apple. I then brushed the exposed area of the inside of the apple with lemon-juice - it prevents the apple from turning brown in response to oxidation!!
Heart Disease Awareness

The next items I created where Yogurt Parfaits using Vanilla yogurt, cherries and granola - layered on top of each other to give the traditional parfait appearance. I found some cute heart-shaped stickers to attach to the spoon handles and added them to each parfait as decoration!
Yogurt Parfait

Cute, right?!?!?
Heart Disease Awarness

Here are some of the other heart-healthy snacks we had available for our guests.....

And yes, that's me discussing some heart-health facts to our attendees. Did you know that 1 in 3 women in the United States dies of Heart Disease every year??? That is a staggering statistic that we must lower in this country! Adopting healthy eating habits and getting proper exercise are 2 major ways of doing so.
Heart Disease Awareness

What are doing doing today to keep your heart healthy??????

-- Dr. April

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