Friday, May 16, 2014

Crepe A Diem Turns 1

Crepe A Diem Food Truck in Nashville Turns 1!

          Crepe A Diem Food Truck in Nashville is a favorite of mine! Not only are the crepes fabulous, but the owner, Brittney Blackshear, and her crew aboard the truck are super friendly and welcoming. Crepe A Diem celebrated its 1 year anniversary a couple of weeks ago invited me out to celebrate. They could not have picked a more gorgeous Spring day to have the party! There were food specials, giveaways and even prizes stuffed inside some strategically placed Easter eggs! Check out a couple of my pics here:

 Crepe A Diem Owner and Chef, Brittney Blackshear
Crepe A Diem Food Truck

Crepe A Diem Food Truck

 This is a delicious Banana Bread Pudding with Guajillo Pepper Caramel! It is created with Crepe A Diem's made from scratch baguettes soaked in Yazoo (Yazoo Brewing Company - Nashville) Hefeweizen Beer!
Crepe A Diem Food Truck

 I am totally in love with this Fresh Strawberry and Nutella Crepe! Now I'm not sure which is my favorite between their Nutella & Banana and Nutella & Strawberry Crepe. Oh, the decisions............
Crepe A Diem Food Truck

Here's the little 'surprises' I mentioned earlier! Mine was filled with a coupon for a FREE Bread Pudding....Yippie!
Crepe A Diem Food Truck

The next time you stop the Crepe A Diem Food Truck make sure to tell them Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!

You can find Crepe A Diem online to keep up with their whereabouts at

-- Dr. April

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