Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hot Chocolate Run

Hot Chocolate Run - Nashville

On February 15th, 2014 despite the freezing cold temps, I did the Hot Chocolate Run in Nashville!!! Even though I literally cold not feel my fingers until mile 2, I finished with enough enthusiasm to enjoy the special fondue treats offered to us at the completion of the run!

I picked up my Race gear, bib, mug, hoodie and bag at the pre-event expo the day before.
Hot Chocolate Run Nashville

I was not fibbing about it being 21 Degrees out there that morning....it was brutal!

Since I don't live too far from where the race started, I decided to walk to the start line which is usually not a problem in good weather and is something I do quite often. However, walking from home to the start line in 21 Degree weather at 6am = bad idea!! However, God sent me an angel in the form of Shanee :-). She and I had never met before...really! She and her husband were driving to the race, saw me with my gear on and pulled over to offer me a ride to the start line! Even though I wasn't far from the start line, those couple of minutes in a heated car was a God-send! Thanks Shanee and your husband...I hope you enjoyed the race as much as I did!

I also ran into my sorority sister, Kim, and we froze together at the start line :-)


Really Mr. Man with the shorts on in 21 Degree weather????? It really is toooooo darn cold for that! LOL

My reward for finishing the run...Chocolate Fondue complete with marshmallows, a rice krispie treat, pretzels, a banana, a sugar wafer and Hot Chocolate!
Hot Chocolate Race Nashville

Even my smile is frozen...LOL!
Hot Chocolate Race Nashville

My smile is back to normal here :-). Special shout out to my girl Costin for giving me a ride home - another unexpected God sent blessing!
Hot Chocolate Race Nashville

 I had a blast, despite the temps, and would definitely do this race again! This sweet hoodie alone is worth the registration!

You can find more info about the Hot Chocolate Race Series and look for an event in your area by visiting http://www.hotchocolate15k.com

-- Dr. April

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