Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Biscuit Love Truck Filming for The Today Show

Biscuit Love Food Truck Filming for The Today Show

                 A little while back, I was on scene for the Today Show filming of the Biscuit Love Food Truck here in Nashville. They were filming for a small business segment about how to rehab small businesses that are facing financial trouble. As an entrepreneur who owns my medical practice, I TOTALLY understand the ebbs and flows of running a small business. As a food blogger, I love the Biscuit Love Truck and was there to support them! 

                 I wasn't sure when the episode would air or even if I would make the cut.....you never know how they will edit these episodes. However, I made the cut (about 1 second lol) in the segment and was, as usual, eating! A high school classmate of mine was the first person to alert me when she Facebook messaged me saying she saw me on the Today Show..... Thanks Kate!

Here are some pics from the night of the filming......

This is what I was chowing down on in the segment - a delicious biscuit and BBQ Short Rib over a bed of grits!

--Dr April

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