Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Friday morning Breakfast at Marche' Artisan Foods

Marche is a European style Cafe and Marketplace serving Breakfast, Brunch, lunch and dinner in East Nashville. Most of the time I pass by Marche' during operating hours, the place is packed and there's a line out the door which is a pretty good indication that the food and service is great! If people are willing to wait outside in the cold for a seat to open, it must be!

I decided to beat the crowd one morning and get there right as they were unlocking the door. That was a good decision on my part because the place started to fill up as I sat and enjoyed my morning Crepe.....

Locally sourced items and ingredients on the menu

Olive & Sinclair Chocolate made right here in Nashville

I had to choose either the Sweet or Savory Crepe and I chose Sweet!

Nutella Brownie Crepe with Creme Anglaise

I've certainly added Marche to my list of best Breakfast/Brunch spots in Nashville!


1000 Main St
Nashville, TN 37206


--Dr. April

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