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Boca Loca Cantina & Taco Factory

Boca Loca Cantina and Taco Factory

                     Right before Christmas 2013, I enjoyed some tacos from one of the newest additions to the Hillsboro Village Restaurant Scene, Boca Loca Cantina and Taco Factory, when they catered a Holiday Party I attended. From the moment the tortilla hit my mouth, I was hooked!!! The flavors that burst through from their menu items are out of this world and I just had to head over to the restaurant for the full experience! On my first visit to the restaurant, I arrived on a Tuesday evening....just in time for Happy Hour. I was certainly excited when I found out that Happy Hour at Boca Loca means 2 for 1 Tacos.....Yippie!!! With that experience being even better than the first, I decided I had to come back (again) and interview the Chef/Owner, David Reyes.

                    David has a wealth of experience in the restaurant industry and is responsible for developing the concept for a plethora of restaurants around the country as a part of Chicago's famed National Restaurant Group. He brings an unique, but truly authentic, taste of Mexican fair into a space that was once a home and has been a number of restaurant concepts since then.

                      Reyes grew up in the restaurant business because his grandfather owned a number of restaruarants in Chicago. David remembers going to the market with him on Saturdays to buy produce and other items. After high school and a short stint in the Military, Reyes decided to enroll in Culinary School at Kendall College in Chicago. An internship during Culinary school led him to Mexico for a year, then on to France at a Top Rated Restaurant. In just 3 short months after arriving in France, he was fluent in French as it was a requirement to survive in that upscale dining establishement. After his time in France, he did a stent in New Orleans and loved it! He brings all these culinary experiences and his natural knack for balancing spices with flavors to Boca Loca.  The menu at Boca Loca only has about 20 menu items, but Reyes strives for the best at those 20-something items. The flavors are bold and distinct without the use of unnecessary fillers that simply take up room.

                       The day I came to interview Boca Loca, they had just rolled out a line of new tacos and once again, I was head over heels crazy about them! These tacos are globally inspired, my favorite being the Ahi Tuna Taco (all of the new tacos are pictured below)! I arrived during Brunch and was able to check out that creative Brunch menu. I don't normally associate Mexican cuisine with Brunch, but their menu allows an opportunity to think outside the box.

                     Reyes and the team at Boca Loca, translated "Crazy Mouth", are thrilled with their location in Hillsboro Village. They are getting to know the neighborrhood residents who are frequent visitors as well as students and families looking for an authentic Mexican restaurant experience. Boca Loca is now one of my go-to places for great Mexican food at an awesome price and great overall experience. In fact, just 3 days after this interview I was back for more!!!!

Take a look at what I enjoyed below:

Brunch Menu

Boca Loca

They have a Great Happy Hour Monday - Friday from 3-6:30 pm.
Boca Loca

Thirsty Thursdays!

Wednesdays - 5 tacos for just $10....WOW!
Boca Loca

The Al Pastor Taco is one of my favorites!
Boca Loca

The bottom four are the new tacos they rolled out recently
Boca Loca

Chilaquiles - Chips, salsa verde, queso fresco. Avocado, radish, 2 fried eggs. The first thing I noticed about this brunch dish is the amazing aroma! Check out the Fried Eggs on top!
Boca Loca

A nice Ginger Beer to wash it all down :-)
Ginger Beer

Ahi tuna Taco- guacamole, jalapeño jelly, pickled ginger. **This is my absolute Fave of the new tacos!
Boca Loca

Red snapper Taco- Pineapple tomatillo salsa, paprika aioli, cabbage
Boca Loca

I love Red snapper and it's great in this Taco!
Boca Loca

Spicy shrimp Taco- Arbol chile sauce, citrus slaw, spicy peanuts, Chipotle ranch
Boca Loca
**You have to be able to stand some heat if you order this Taco! Ya'll know I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy things so I really couldn't even finish this one. However, a friend of mine loved it and even asked for this seasoning to be added to another Taco lol!

Duck Carnitas Taco - mole, sesame seeds, pickled onion. This duck was so very succulent...I loved it!
Boca Loca

Boca Loca

You can find Boca Loca at 

2000 Belcourt Ave
Nashville, TN
Boca Loca

-- Dr. April

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