Monday, September 30, 2013

The Trailer Perk

The Trailer Perk Food Truck

I have been following The Trailer Perk on Social Media for some time now, but had never caught up to them in person to taste one of their talked about drinks! On a really HOT day in Nashville, it was my very 1st stop when I made it to Centennial Park for a Musicians Corner event! Thank goodness I did because I think I would have melted without that delicious lemonade :-)

Amy Croger is the owner of the truck and, with it, has been delivering great drinks to Nashville for about 11 months. When I walked up to the truck she told me that she had been reading my blog the night before....Talk about a cool coincidence! Thanks Amy :-)

This food truck is so creative!

Follow them online at

Talk about variety! There are so many coffees, lattes, cold drinks, warm drinks, lemonades, etc to choose from!

What would a trailer perk be without a pink flamingo out front....LOL!

Louisville Lemonade - Tart Lemonade with Blueberry and Pomegranate

Special shout out to Mary and Molly, The Trailer Perk's, "Perk Rangers"!! Thanks for great service ladies :-)

You can find The Trailer Perk Online at and via Facebook and Twitter to locate them throughout the streets of Nashville.

--Dr. April

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Knock Your Socks Off Back To School Sock Drive

2nd Annual Knock Your Socks Off Back To School Sock Drive

This was the 2nd year for my annual "Knock Your Socks Off" Back to School Sock Drive, taking place on Tuesday August 13th, 2013 at Bar Louie in The Gulch. I started this sock drive as the signature philanthropic program of my medical practice, The Foot And Ankle Healthcare Center. Last year (1st year) I collected just over 1,200 pair of socks for children and youth in the Nashville community who return to school without socks to wear. In addition to the actual sock donations, I'm very proud that the drive has raised the awareness to the fact that thousands of kids go back to school every year without the basics such as socks and underwear, backpacks and school supplies.

The socks are still coming in from friends and family of mine who live outside of Nashville. I've come home every couple of days to FedEx and UPS boxes full of socks at my door!! In this, the 2nd year, I have already collected over 1,200 pair of socks, therefore exceeding last year's total!!!! All of the sock donations collected at the event are handed over to The Oasis Center of Nashville for distribution to children and youth in the Nashville Community! If you missed it this year, you can certainly attend the event next year or mail in your socks!!!!

Here are some pics from the event:

Yes, that's me dropping off my socks at the sock drive!

I provided food from Bar Louie for my guests

My lovely volunteers!

Chad, the manager of Bar Louie has been very supportive of my sock drive

Dr. Sheryl Rimrodt - President of the Oasis Center Board of Directors and myself

Myself, Dr. Sheryl Rimrodt, and Cathleen Windham - Marketing and Communications specialist at Oasis Center and my wonderful Oasis Center contact


...and more networking!

What a great night! Thanks to everyone who gave their support for this event!

You can visit my medical practice website at for more info on my practice.

--Dr. April

Friday, September 27, 2013

Rumors WIne Bar

Rumors Wine Bar

I pass by Rumors Wine Bar almost everyday and see people sipping wine and eating cheese on the beautiful patio! A couple of Friday's ago, I finally made it to Rumors to enjoy some of the great food and drink I see everyone else eating and drinking when I pass by :-)

Here's what I ate:

Sauce Trio: Lavender Goat Cheese, roasted red pepper and feta and Pesto


Although all of these sauces were good, the Lavender Goat Cheese was my absolute FAVE! I need some of that at home :-)

How cute are these Deviled Eggs? They are pretty delicious too!

Because I had another food event to attend after I left Rumors, I decided on a Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic) instead of wine. The Ginger flavor was very prominent and opened up my sinuses (LOL).....just what good ginger flavor should do!

Rumors is a great Wine Bar or enjoying a relaxing evening with good Wine and food. Even though I stick with appetizers, I saw plenty of more filling options passing by my table for other diners.

You can find Rumors online at


In person at:

1104 Division Street (In the ICON Building in The Gulch)
Nashville, TN 37203

--Dr. April

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crepe A Diem

Crepe A Diem

Crepe A Diem has to be one of the cutest food trucks I've ever seen! I love the name and the graphic design on The Crepe A Diem Food Truck here in Nashville! I've featured Crepe A Diem on the blog before, but caught up with them again at a recent Musicians Corner Saturday at Centennial Park....Yay!

Savory or Sweet.....take your pick!

Crepe Complete is a specialty crepe with a Fried Egg on top...How cool!??!

Crepe Complete- Sliced Ham, Kenny's Farmhouse Swiss, Arugula, Sunny-side Local Egg

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a delicious Nutella and Banana Crepe!!

Delivered with a smile!

Look at all that great Powdered Sugar topping the crepe :-)

The Nutella....Oh the Nutella! The combination of the sweet bananas and the richness of the Nutella Hazelnut spread was fabulous! Forget KFC, this crepe is Finger-licking good!

You can find Crepe A Diem online at

You can also follow them at @CrepeADiem on Twitter to locate them throughout the streets of Nashville!

--Dr. April