Friday, June 28, 2013

Strawberry Cafe

Strawberry Cafe

On a recent trip to visit my family in Mississippi I had lunch with two of my favorite people in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD - my sister and brother! My sister had been hearing a lot of people talk about how good this cute little cafe in Madison (Mississippi) is so we had to go check it out one day for lunch.

The entrance....Cute already!

Baked Spinach and Artichoke Dip with warm pita wedges - so good I could not stop eating them!

Train Car Poboy - Chopped Prime Rib, Fried Shrimp, peppers and onions with melted provolone cheese
Whoa Nelly.....there is a lot of good stuff on this POBOY  - Prime Rib AND Jumbo Shrimp!

The slaw can be eaten alone or on top of all the other good components of this Poboy. As you can see, I decided to add the slaw right on top!

These Sweet Potato Fries are accompanied by a house made Honey Mustard sauce that I wish I could have taken with me you dipped everything else I ate for the week in it......Yes, it was that good!

The next time I head to Da Sip' to enjoy my family, a trip to Strawberry Cafe will definitely be on my agenda!

You can find them online at:


107 Depot Dr
Madison, MS 39110

--Dr. April

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Music City Flats: In The Kitchen at Music City Flats

In The Kitchen at Music City Flats

Music City Flats recently underwent some changes, most notably, a change in ownership. The restaurant which was started as a franchise of a national chain is now a locally owned restaurant. A couple of weeks ago I sat down with Mr. Henry Hillenmyer, owner of Music City Flats and Ben Lowe, Director of Operations, to learn more about the recent changes and the great, new dishes you will find at this Gulch staple!!

Dr. April: This restaurant recently underwent some changes from being a chain restaurant to now being an independently owned restaurant under a new name - Music City Flats. Can you tell me about that?

Mr. Hillenmeyer: Sure. We recently underwent a change in ownership. We started out 4 years ago as Urban Flats and that was a franchise out of Florida. When we opened, we were the 10th Urban Flats restaurant in the country. We had the option after 3 years to leave that franchise. We decided that we could do a better job for the Nashville guests by becoming independent and allowing guests to make it what they wanted it to be instead of going with what was prescribed out of Florida. The Urban Flats concept was based around whole wheat flatbreads. When we changed it to Music City Flats, we kept the flatbread focus, but we upgraded everything. We upgraded the flatbreads from 75% to 100% whole wheat and we have upgraded the toppings. We can now become whatever we need to become.

When we changed to Music City Flats, we brought in a consultant Chef out of Atlanta who developed all the recipes. We made the switch last fall. What we have discovered since then is that 75% of our business is women. The problem with that is..........

Dr. April: There’s a problem with that? LOL!

Mr. Hillenmeyer: {Laughs} Well, the problem is that we see an even number of men and women at lunch, but we don’t get a lot of men at dinner. The comments that I was getting from some of my lady friends in town is that “I love your place, but I can’t get my husband to come with me!” It’s hard to sell men on flatbreads for dinner. So, what we’ve just done is add a complete line-up of new entrees to the menu which includes some nice heavy dishes that men like. We hired a full time Chef about two months ago who is just terrific and he is the one who came up with all these entrees. We will have a constant development of our menu now because of our in-house Chef, David Gordon-Somers. Ben Lowe is the director of Operations and he really runs the place.

Dr. April: So you have had roughly 38 years of being in the restaurant industry, correct?

Mr Hillenmeyer:
Yes, I have owned numerous other franchises including Wendy’s. At one point, I owned 65 Wendy’s franchises. 35 of those 65 were in middle Tennessee and the rest of them ran down through Chattanooga and north Georgia.

Dr. April: Tell me about the Music City Flats Experience.......

Ben Lowe:
Well, there is a different experience depending on whether you come in for lunch or dinner. We have people that come in for lunch and lunch meetings during the day. We have a private dining room as well that is utilized for various different groups. The private dining room seats 14 people comfortably and has it’s own TV, hook-ups for A/V equipment to do presentations, etc. At night time, the restaurant really transitions into a nice atmosphere with the high ceilings and soft lighting. There’s a nice warm feel to the place.

Dr. April: Tell me about your wine selection......

Ben Lowe: Everything is available by the glass now. We have over 55 different wines that range from less expensive to the more expensive wines that you may not get to try often. We also have our weekly “Wines-day” events. For $20, you get 8 drink tickets. Each ticket gets you a half glass of wine. We bring in 6-8 different kinds of wine that we don’t normally carry. The $20 includes a food buffet as well.

Dr. April: I was here quite a few times last summer for the "Wines-day" event on Wednesdays. I really enjoyed tasting such a variety of wines!

Are there any other new things that you all are integrating into the restaurant since it has become independent?

Ben Lowe: Yes. We are still re-connecting with our Nashville market. 7 out of our 10 draft beers are all locally brewed whether it be from Yazoo Brewing, Fat Bottom Brewing, etc.  Some of the liquors we have, such as the Belle Meade Whiskey, are locally made. We carry wines from Arrington Vineyards. So, we are becoming more and more involved with the local suppliers for not only our food, but for the bar as well.

Dr. April: I like that you all are using more many locally sourced products. Great way to support the local economy!

Mr Hillenmeyer: Yes, it’s one of the positive changes that we have been able to make by becoming a locally owned restaurant. We don’t want to change too much because we have a good thing going here, but we are making small changes to improve upon what we had before.

I agree that they are making some great steps to improve on an already great concept. The heavier menu items are definitely a draw for those with heartier appetites. Check out some of the great dishes below:

Butternut squash - oven roasted butternut squash, caramelized sweet onions, Applewood bacon, fresh mozzarella chunks and shredded Parmesan cheese garnished with fresh oregano leaves

The Butternut Squash is extremely fresh and add a light, fresh feel to this flatbread. It's great :-)

Blackened steak- seared steak with blacking seasoning, fire roasted red peppers, spinach, shredded mozzarella and crumbled blue cheeses with balsamic drizzle

This flatbread is a bit more "robust" than the Butternut Squash and was excellent! The seared steak was savory and the balsamic drizzle was a nice contrast.

Osso Bucco - lamb hind shank slow cooked for several hours with white wine, homemade tomato sauce, carrots, celery and Onion served with sweet basil risotto

This is one of the dishes that you never would have found on the menu under the previous owner. However, the current creative team of Music City Flats has added heartier dishes such as this one and it has been a big hit!

The Elvis - Creamy Peanut Butter, bacon crumbles, chocolate chips, caramelized bananas with chocolate drizzle

How cool is this dessert covered in peanut butter, bananas, bacon and chocolate chips, drizzled in chocolate and named "The Elvis"?!?!?

Your flatbreads are cooked in a large open oven....

You can find Music City Flats at

610 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203-6614
(In the Gulch)

-- Dr. April

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Laurel Staples: At The Table with Laurel Staples

At The Table with Laurel Staples of "Life Body Balance" & "The Day I Quit"

Laurel Staples and I both experienced a major life changing event at the beginning of our careers - we both quit our jobs to become entrepreneurs! Even though the circumstance behind Laurel quitting her corporate job were very different from those surrounding my exodus from a previous job, we have a lot in common when it comes to loving entrepreneurship.

Laurel is a Certified Health Coach and the founder of Life Body Balance ( which is dedicated to helping women reclaim their bodies and rejuvenate their lives through simple, effective and healthy lifestyle changes. She began her journey to healthy living when she cured her “incurable” thyroid disease through changing her diet and quit her mechanical engineering job to follow her passion. In addition to health coaching, Laurel runs a blog and podcast called The Day I Quit ( about how to quit your job, follow your true passion and make money while doing it. Growing up with an entrepreneurial spirit, Laurel has designed this blog to be a great source of inspiration, ideas, helpful tools and support to help other people like her take the leap into self-employment.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Laurel Staples below:

Dr. April: Laurel, thanks for being here with me today! Tell me where you are originally from?

Laurel Staples: I am from Nashville – born and raised!

Dr. April:  Where did you attend college? Degree?

Laurel Staples: I went to Vanderbilt University and studied Mechanical Engineering which is not at all what I’m doing today, but I really liked it at the time.

Dr. April: Give me an overview of your story……….

Laurel Staples: I graduated with a Mechanical engineering degree and immediately went to work a job at Lexmark which is a printer company. I was designing color laser printers and I did that for 3 years during which time I quickly realized that the corporate world was not for me. I got into it thinking that I was a motivated, intelligent student, but I got into the corporate world and it was a drag for me. I started plotting my way back out after about a year and it took me another two years to actually get back out. I quit my job and came back to Nashville to start a retail clothing boutique. It was an eco-friendly clothing store so I sold men and women's clothing that was organic and sustainable – organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo, etc. I did that the month that the recession started – not a good time to start any business and definitely not any type of retail business! I did that for two years and then decided that it was doing ok, but it wasn't a good fit for me in the long term. It was time to move on at that point . Then I got into health coaching which is what I do today. I do health coaching and I also run a blog called “The Day I Quit” which is about people who quit their job, follow their passion and make money in the process.

Dr. April: Where did you find the confidence to become an entrepreneur?

Laurel Staples: I think I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As a young girl I was always creating things and also trying to sell them. In 6th grade I had these beads that I was beading and making earrings. I was trying to sell them to people in my class and my mom was telling me “Laurel, you can’t sell those. They are really pretty so just give them to people”. However, I was like, “but I want to make some money LOL!” I’ve always done stuff on my own. In high school I did photography and people would pay me to do photography. In college I ran my own magazine and I was getting ads for that. I was always doing something entrepreneurial. I got the desire to go out on my own because I knew I was self motivated and being an entrepreneur takes a lot of self motivation.

Dr. April: Why did you decide to start your current business and how are you enjoying it?

Laurel Staples: The health coaching career was pretty clear to me when I was at Lexmark. I developed multiple health issues. The first health issue was severe IBS and the 2nd was a thyroid disease. I was suffering a lot. I would wake up sick, go through the day sick, go to bed sick – it was just an awful time. I went to numerous doctors and they all said “well we can’t help you. We don’t know what causes this” and gave me a bunch of prescriptions. I was on a ton of prescriptions, but they didn’t help me feel better. So I started researching on my own and I ended up self-diagnosing myself as being intolerant to gluten and dairy. I gave both of those up and all of my problems went away. Within six weeks, I started feeling better and started feeling like myself again. Within 3 months my endocrinologist took me off of the thyroid drug and I was completely cured. That was the time that I realized there is something to this.  I didn’t really know that health coaching as a career existed, but found out about it through this situation. I then went to school for health coaching.
As far as the blog – The blog is about quitting and moving on to follow your passion. It takes a lot to move on from something that is supposedly “stable”. I’ve done it and it was such a major part of my life.

Dr. April: What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs or those contemplating an entrepreneurial venture?

Laurel Staples: I think that’s a really good question because a lot of people are going that route, especially in our generation and the generations coming up. We’re all so individualized and unique and we want to express our unique gifts. A lot of people in our generation don’t fit into the corporate world environment because it’s not built for us. One of the main things that I’ve learned over the last six years of not working in a corporate structure is to always work on things that are making you money. This is something that I learned the hard way in my retail store. I would go to work and feel like I was having this productive day. I would rearrange the store, check people out sometimes when my employees weren’t there, I’d redecorate and redo the website and re-design the business card. I’d do all this stuff that wasn’t directly making me any money. So, those things weren’t bringing customers in and I wasn’t  promoting myself in any way, shape or form. It was all productive, but it wasn’t doing anything for the business. When you are an entrepreneur, if you just focus constantly on the things that make you money, that will help you build your business from the get-go instead of having that trial and error period like I did.

Dr. April: That is some great advice!! It makes total sense, but it’s a concept you just don’t really think about to much.

Laurel Staples: Thank you!

Dr. April: Do you have any book recommendations for entrepreneurs?

Laurel Staples: That’s another good question. A book that has been helpful to me as I was getting into health coaching is called “Owning Your Niche” by Stephanie Chandler. It talks about how to narrow down your target market and creating a niche market so that you are a big fish in a tiny pond instead of a small fish in a big pond. That book also goes into SEO and how to optimize your website to find your ideal client and customers and have them coming to you.

Dr. April: Lastly, tell me what is next on the horizon for you in terms of the blog and your health coaching business…….

Laurel Staples: Sure! My health coaching practice is called “Life Body Balance.” And I picked that name because it’s about bringing your whole life into balance. It’s not just about dieting and food. It’s about making food and lifestyle changes and bringing your life and body back into a state of balance. My practice has been open for two years now and that is a good mark to get to and is exciting! After I hit the two year mark, more clients started coming to me instead of me having to go out and find them.
For my blog -  Just as Dinner With Nerds is for you, I just want to continue to interview more inspiring people, such as yourself, doing videos and really honing in on what new entrepreneurs need. I want to help give them the confidence to venture out on their own. I try to give a combination of the necessary tools and some inspiration to make those decisions so it’s not just one or the other. It’s an evolving creative project that I’m really excited about and excited to share.

Dr. April: Is there anything else you would like to add for people trying to find what they are passionate about and follow their dreams?

Laurel Staples: Yes. Something that has always been important for me is to surround yourself with people who “get it”. That is so important! Surround yourself with people who understand why you are going out on your own and why you are doing this. A lot of people are not going to get it. Some of your friends, family and people who are already around you are going to think you are crazy! They are going to try to keep you “safe” with your regular job and your steady paycheck because that is what they understand and is what they know. There were people like that in my life and they thought I was crazy. I would get the statement, “ You are so brave to go out on your own” and I’m thinking, “I have to do this. There is something in me that has to do this!” So, seek out people who understand what you are trying to do and who will support you. These are the people who will understand that you may not always have money in the beginning to spend wildly or go out to dinner. Some people may not understand that, but as a budding entrepreneur, you are living different lifestyle physically and mentally because you’re in charge of everything – every client/customer that comes in the door. You may not know where your next paycheck is coming from. I always say it’s like living paycheck to paycheck, but there are no real paychecks! You don’t know where the money is coming from. You have to have faith in your heart that the money is going to be there. 


You can find Laurel's Day I Quit blog online @


her Health Coaching Practice -  Life Body Balance @

--Dr. April

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bobbie's Dairy Dip

Summertime at Bobbie's Dairy Dip

It's Summertime here in The Music City and I've been on the prowl for fun, warm-weather eateries. My latest adventure led me to a longstanding Nashville gem - Bobbie's Dairy Dip. There's a reason this place has been around for more than 60 year......everything is good! I enjoyed great soda shop music playing overhead and dined at one of the communal picnic tables outside...... The lime green one!

Cheeseburger with Pepper Jack Cheese - This burger was SOOO good! It tastes like someone grilled it on an open flame in the backyard then added all the fun picnic fixn's to make it superb!!

Banana Boat - Bobbie's Dairy dip carries the basic flavors of chocolate, vanilla and swirl. No fancy-dancy wild flavors such as "Strawberry Banana Tahitian Sun fruit" here lol. This was as basic a banana split as you can get, but is also what a banana split is supposed to be....... Yummy!!  It's topped with chocolate and caramel drizzle, strawberries banana and whipped cream...Yum!

You can find Bobbie's Dairy Dip on Facebook at


5301 Charlotte Ave  Nashville, TN 37209

--Dr. April

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dinner Lab is coming to Nashville!

Dinner Lab is coming to Nashville!!

I recently sat down with 2 really cool guys bringing an exciting new experience to Nashville! Dinner Lab's CEO Brian Bordainick and COO Drew Barrett, have created a unique dining experience unlike any other that you've participated in before. "Why?" you ask.........Well, the dining experience you participate in during one of Dinner Lab's events takes place in a new non-restaurant location, with a different Chef and unique menu each and every time so that no dining experience will ever be the same!

(There is a cool video below that gives a visual of how it works!!)

Created in New Orleans, Dinner Lab has grown by leaps and bounds recently. Their events are so popular that they have expanded to Austin, TX and now Nashville! They officially kick off in Nashville this week and if you want to be a part of these great events you can check out their website and become a member. To become a member, you pay one flat yearly fee that entitles you to the notification of events and gives you the ability to register for the dinners. 

There will be 2 dinners per week and they fill up fast - like FAST, because of how awesome they are! After you sign up for a dinner, you will receive instructions for attending the event. One of the cool aspects of this model is that you don't know the location of the event until 24 hours prior...How cool is that!! This is also a fabulous opportunity to sit at the table and socialize with people you've never met before (This is right up my alley!!!)


I will have more info to come over the next couple of weeks as I definitely plan to be in attendance for the first event in a couple of weeks! For now, here is an excerpt from the Dinner Lab website along with a cool video ( The video had me hooked from the beginning!!) that gives you more info:

"Dinner Lab is a membership-based social dining experiment that unites undiscovered chefs with adventurous diners who are looking for something different from the traditional restaurant experience. Whether it happens on the roof of an abandoned building, the floor of a paper mill, or inside a motorcycle dealership, we believe that good people, good food and good drink are the only elements needed for a truly memorable meal.

Our events bring together a group of interesting strangers around a common table to share cuisine crafted by up and coming chefs from all over the country. We don’t dictate what our chefs cook, but instead encourage to them to tell a story through the menu – recipes that speak to their background or heritage, ingredients they are passionate about, or completely new dishes they’ve been experimenting with on days away from the restaurant.

Because we keep our cuisine, our environment and our patrons constantly in flux, each Dinner Lab event exists for only one evening. Over the course of a year we may host up to 100 events in a single city, but no meal will ever happen in the same way, with the same food, with the same people, in the same space."

--Dr. April

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

My first Scoop of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams - Just in time for summer!

The #1 dessert I think of when I think of summer time is, you guessed it, ICE CREAM! One of the most popular ice cream shops for creative flavors in Nashville is none other than Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. After a really longgggggg day of blogging a couple of weeks ago, I stopped by this popular East Nashville eatery for a sweet cool-me-down :-)

Jeni's calls the ice cream toppings gravel, hence the "gravel" streamers hanging from the ceiling!

Jeni's even has a cookbook....

How do you like to build your ice cream sundae?

Check out all the fun flavors such as Cherry Lambic Sorbet, Pistachio & Honey, Salty Caramel and The Buckeye State!

The Waffle Cones are made right on the spot at Jeni' cool is that!

A Unique Ice Cream combination suggestion - The Bavarian Knight

and The Moma...........

MY FLAVORS: Whiskey & Pecans, Brambleberry Crisp, Bananas + Honey
The Bananas and Honey Ice Cream was delicious - it was smooth and had a subtle combination of both these flavors. I really loved the Brambleberry Crisp because of the more prominent flavor and oat crisp mixed right in!

Until we meet again...........

You can find Jeni's online at


1892 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

--Dr. April

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sambuca Restaurant Nashville - Where good music meets even better food!

Sambuca Restaurant - Where good music meets even better food!

On a gorgeous Spring day in Music City USA, I was in The Gulch neighborhood to dine with Sambuca Restaurant's Executive Chef, Chef Bobby Hansen. Sambuca was one of the original restaurants in The Gulch and has been serving up good music and even better food 7 days per week since 2005!

I had the pleasure of talking with Executive Chef Bobby Hansen about Sambuca's concept and why he loves Sambuca and Nashville so much. Chef Bobby describes his culinary style as “New American Freedom” because he enjoys having the freedom of incorporating any ingredient he desires into dishes without placing barriers on himself and what he creates.

  Check out my interview with him here followed by pics of the great dishes he whipped up for me! 

Executive Chef Bobby Hansen

Dr. April: How long has Sambuca been in Nashville?

Chef Bobby:
  Sambuca has been here since 2005.

Dr. April: How long have you been with Sambuca?

Chef Bobby: I’ve been with Sambuca since October of 2008

Dr. April:
Isn’t there another Chef here?

Chef Bobby:  Yes, there is another Chef here by the name of James Ressor and he works mostly in the mornings/early afternoons and I’m mostly here in the evenings.

Dr. April: Tell me about Sambuca’s Concept...

Chef Bobby: I would describe it as New American Cuisine with a Tex-Mex Twist.  We have a modern Bar atmosphere but we integrate music so it’s almost like a modern new American type supper club. We have music 7 days per week and the kitchen is open 7 days a week. You can call us a dinner theater – Nashville style! We are creating memories for people when they come here. People are paying for memories so we have to deliver that memory. Having that great entertainment along with excellent food and service is how we do that.

Dr. April: How do you develop the menu?

Chef Bobby:
We think about new trends and new food and locally sourced items and we try to make it our own style. There are only so many ways that you can grill an 18oz. Ribeye but we do it with a lot of love and care here to make things a bit simpler. The days of large plates and big food is sort of falling by the wayside and we are focusing a bit more on light fare. We are trying to be kinder to the ladies so we have to have lighter dishes. The diner is becoming more sophisticated and more aware of where their food is coming from.

Dr. April: How often do you change the menu? Every season?

Chef Bobby: We haven’t been changing it every season, but we are about to change it in the next couple of weeks. We have three other Sambuca Restaurants in the country. The one in Houston is the headquarters. We are the Nashville extension of the original. My job is to keep my feelers on Nashville and the trends happening here. I have to keep my ear to the ground to learn what people like and then integrate those into our menu.

Dr. April: Do you all still have the Mac & Cheese? Please don’t take that off the menu…it’s one of my favorites!!

Chef Bobby: Yes, we still have it and it is here to stay

Dr. April:
Great because I love to come in and order “ a cocktail and Mac & Cheese please” LOL!

Chef Bobby: Yes, it’s here for you!

Dr. April: So tell me a little bit about grew up right outside of Detroit, correct?

Chef Bobby: Yes, right outside of Detroit. I was born in Dearborn, MI.

Dr. April: I have a special place in my heart for Detroit because I lived there for 3 years before I moved to Nashville! I still have lots of family there. So, you graduated high school and moved to San Fransisco to study at Le Cordon Blue, correct?

Chef Bobby: Yes. I studies at Le Cordon Blue in San Fransisco. Before I graduated from that culinary school, with honors I’d like to add, I did some traveling in Europe and I lived in Tuscany, I cooked in Chianti (Italy), then I moved to France and traveled through Paris and lived in Tours, France. Having the opportunity to cook in Europe was extremely valuable! When I came back to the states, I did three hard, tough years in the San Fransisco cooking scene……….

Dr. April: Why were they tough?

Chef Bobby: It was a lot of hard work – feeling like I was overworked and under paid. As a new Chef on the scene, others in the industry make you, sort of, prove your worth. In late 2007, I felt that the economy there was declining and it was getting a little tough for me so I figured I would return home to Michigan and rethink my game plan. I play music and have always played since I was a young lad – I play drums. I got back into playing drums and took some time to think things out and that’s how I ended up in Music City! I figured I would check out Nashville and see if my skills and talents would be useful here. I saw an ad for an open Chef position at Sambuca. With Sambuca’s combination of food and music, I thought that I might fit right in. They ended up hiring me and here I am!

Dr. April: What do you love best about being here at Sambuca?

Chef Bobby: I love the concept – it suits my philosophy. I grew up in an Italian Family. My mom’s side of the family is Italian and I always grew up around a lot of food. It’s almost like a natural progression for me to get into food professionally. I’ve also played music for most of my life as well so I get to do both. I get to be in a great restaurant, cooking great food and they give me creative license to come up with interesting dishes.

Dr. April: How do you love being here in Music City?

Chef Bobby: I love Music City! I think Music City is a diamond in the rough. I had no idea what it would be like until I moved here. I feel like Nashville has really extended me a warm welcome and a nice handshake to come aboard. It feels pretty good.

Dr. April: What do you think about all of the recent positive press that the Nashville food scene has been getting lately from The New York Times, etc ?

Chef Bobby:  I think it’s great that the South and specifically Nashville, TN is getting recognized for our food because food consciousness is a sign of the culture. The New York Times has always had their finger on the pulse of food. I’ve been reading The New York Times food section for years. They have great reviews, recipes and food trends. There is something to be said about our food scene being recognized by them. I feel grateful that I am a part of that. I think things are on the up for Nashville. There are a lot of great Chefs moving here and a lot of up and coming local Chefs making a mark on the Nashville scene.

Dr. April: Well Chef Bobby, thank you so much for your contribution to this great Nashville food scene and thanks for taking the time to talk with me today and for sharing some of your awesome culinary creations with me…everything is great!
Chef Bobby: Anytime. Thank You!


Now, more on what I ate............

Lobster Tempura -
I must admit that when I saw all the jalapenos I got nervous because you know I can't do hot lol! However, this has a tangy sweetness with a hint of spice. 
The jalapenos are pickled to take away some of the spiciness.

Shrimp and Grits Old Country style with chopped mushrooms and Cajun Seasonings. This fabulous dish includes Chipotle and Gouda Grits with Pontchartrain Sauce. The shrimp are large and juicy and the grits are creamy - I Love creamy cheese grits!. The sausage is the perfect compliment to the grits and not spicy like some shrimp and grits that I have tried.

Wait for it.............

Miso Seabass with an apple almond a tomato puree with braised bok-Choy grilled radicchio. This fish is so flaky and flavorful!

I'm in love with the garnish atop this fish - it's like a work of art!

Have I mentioned before that I'm obsessed with French Macarons?!?!?

View of the Downtown Nashville skyline from Sambuca's Balcony

Sambuca is located in the heart of Nashville's popular Gulch neighborhood

Peanut butter and Chocolate Torte Explosion with Chocolate Macarons filled with chocolate ganash. This is accompanied by Vanilla ice cream with roasted peanuts, dark chocolate chips and espresso

How gorgeous!?!?!??!

There are some great textures and flavors in this dessert and I love it! The Macarons are light and airy and the torte is decedent and sweet :-)



If you are looking for a great time filled with music and food, make sure to visit Sambuca! You can find them online @


601 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203

 --Dr. April