Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sugar Rush 2013

Sugar Rush 2013

          This is my 2nd year attending Sugar Rush, sponsored by the Nashville Scene. I attended last year and had blast so it was certainly on my radar this year! The name is self-explanatory. Once I left last year's event, the sugar overload made me crave salt so I high-tailed it to the closest fried chicken place I could find to balance out all the sugar in my system. Adding Fried chicken to the mix probably was not the healthiest thing to do, but give me a pass for a once per year sugar binge :-)

          There were a number of restaurants, bakeries, Food Trucks and caterers present to show off their sweet skills and compete for the Sugar Rush Crown! The Cupcake Collection has won for the past 2 years and Mignon Francois, owner of the Cupcake Collection, was the reigning Sugar Rush Queen. Mignon enjoyed her 2 year reign and decided to be a sponsor this year instead of competing again. In the end, Pastry chef Jessica Collins and team from Bound'ry Restaurant in Nashville reigned supreme and were handed the trophy from Mignon Francois!

Walker Creek Confections

Almond Toffee

The Loving Pie Company

Caramel Apple Cranberry Pie

Red Velvet Pie

Riff's Food Truck and Catering

The Cronut!! This Cronut was flaky on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. I could have had 5 more of these masterpieces!!!!

Diana's Sweet Shop

Specialty Chocolate Fudge

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Their cakes are extremely moist and delicious

....and they are so cute too!

Connie Cakes

Red Velvet Cake

Carrot Cake

One of my favorite restaurants and caterers, Chef's Market

I thought I had my pick of just one of the desserts, but to my surprise the entire trio was mine for the taking!

Bound'ry - the winners of Sugar Rush 2013!!!

Bacon & Eggs - the eggs aren't really eggs at all, but a delicious sweet cream :-)

Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup

Cereal & Milk Cupcakes

Autumn Trifle

Frosted Affair

Such a cute display

Delicious Apple Pie Moonshine Cupcakes!

Godiva Chocolates

I love Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Fox's Donut Den

What a great variety!

Spin Wheels Cotton Candy

I believe this is my first time trying a Banana Flavored Cotton Candy Station and it was great!

Faye's Cake pops

They included some of the Smirnoff Ice Cake Vodka in the cake pops

Retro Sno

I chose this flavor!

It was delicious :-)

I saved The Cupcake Collection for last because I am already a fan of theirs, have featured them here on the blog, and wrote an article about them in Mocha Market Magazine! There is a reason they were the two time back to back Sugar Rush Winners!

Smirnoff was an official Sponsor and featured drink specials for the evening

Cupcake Collection owner, Mignon Francois, with her Cupcake team prior to handing over the Sugar Rush trophy

Mignon Francois congratulates 2013 Sugar Rush winner, Jessica Collins of Bound'ry restaurant

Pastry Chef Jessica Collins and the pastry team from Bound'ry Restaurant.

Till' next year sugar rush!

--Dr. April

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