Monday, November 4, 2013

Edley's BBQ East hosts Friday Night Fish Fry

Edley's BBQ East hosts Friday Night Fish Fry

Who knew a BBQ Joint could throw one of the best Fish Fry's I have ever attended?!?!? Edley's BBQ, with two locations in Nashville, decided to throw somewhat of a neighborhood Fish Fry at their East Nashville location to say thank you to the neighborhood and city for their support of the restaurant.

When I first received the invite to attend, I couldn't believe Edley's would be providing All-You-Can-Eat Catfish and sides along with Live music for only $10!! I thought that dollar amount must have been a typo LOL! It was no typo and let me tell you that I, along with the hundreds of people who formed a line out the door to get in on the action, ate well over $10 worth of catfish and fixin's that evening. Take a look at what I enjoyed here:

It was an absolutely gorgeous evening for this Fish Fry!

Drink Specials

How Southern are Fried Green Tomatoes?!?! Yum!

Veggie Pizza with cream cheese base -  This was an appetizer that I enjoyed before the Fish Fry Buffet was officially laid out and I could not keep my hands off of these cute little triangular slices!

Fried Okra - As a lady living in the south, Fried Okra is supposed to be part of my culinary vocabulary. However, I haven't been a huge fan of it in the past....mostly because of the slimy consistency. This batch from Edley's was really good and fried just right.

The live music was great!

Let the Fish Fry feasting begin........

You know you have to sample a bit of everything at a good ole' Southern Fish Fry :-)

No lie....all of this food was the bomb diggity! The collard greens were fresh and tender, the grits were creamy and delicious, the fish was seasoned just right and that cornbread....oh the cornbread!! Yummy!

As if this meal could not get any better, there was Banana Pudding for dessert! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Edley's BBQ East

908 Main St.
Nashville, TN 37206

--Dr April

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