Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Color Me Rad Run Nashville

Color Me Rad Run Nashville 2013

I a saw T-shirt recently that said "I work-out to Eat"......I've gotta get that shirt! I love the endorphin boost I get from working out. With all the dining out that I do, especially since starting this blog, it behooves me to get it a good amount of exercise on a regular basis. Participating in 5K's is a way I keep myself motivated to exercise, even on those days when I really don't want to.

Exercise + Participating with friends = Tons of Fun!

The Color Me Rad Run is a 5K that I participate in recently and absolutely had a blast! This is a 5k in which you start off as you would any other run, but by the time you are done you are completely covered in color that has been thrown and sprayed on you throughout the race course.

Team name: The Pink & Green Running Machine

Before the race..........

Yes, that would be me beneath that cloud of color!! I was sprayed with color out of a fire extinguisher right as one of my friends was taking my picture..Haha!

Look at all that color in the air!!!


The Pink & Green Running Machine all colored up at the finish line!

The picture of us with the photo bombers is hilarious. When you are having this much fun you just roll with the punches LOL!

My 3 year old niece loves this picture of me and finds it quite Hilarious....so do I! HaHa!
Sign me up for the next one, I had a BLAST!

Until next time............

To look for a Color Me Rad Run in your area visit their website at www.ColorMeRad.com

--Dr. April

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