Monday, November 11, 2013

American Born Moonshine Launch Party

American Born Moonshine Launch

The name Moonshine conjures up words like "elusive", "rugged", "secret" and "rebellion" in my mind. It probably does for others as well and is one of the things that makes getting a hold of and drinking some good ole' Moonshine so great!

American Born Moonshine is a new company recently launched in Nashville and I was in attendance at their official launch party. Co-owners Sean Koffel, a former Marine Corps Captain and Patrick Dillingham, a former Quarterback for Notre Dame, seam as cool as the product they've just launched! They are smart guys too, both holding MBA's from Stanford.

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I spoke with Sean at the Launch event and he was overjoyed that the project he and Dillingham have been working on for so long has finally hit the market for everyone to enjoy!

The launch event was held at Paradise Park downtown Nashville

They also provided tasty complimentary appetizers to help soak up that Moonshine :-)

I chose to go with the Apple Pie Moonshine and I'm glad I did. The apple and cinnamon spices are prominent as is the 83 Proof alcohol it contains!

I think we will be hearing a lot more great things about American Born Moonshine in the near future!

-Dr. April

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