Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 Nashville Oktoberfest

2013 Nashville Oktoberfest

2013 marked the 34th Annual Oktoberfest - Nashville's original German Festival! For two days, the Germantown Neighborhood turned into a celebration of Faith, Fellowship and Fun for the Nashville community and those who come far and wide to take part in this annual tradition.

This was my second outdoor food related event of the day hence the reason for my tan and slightly sweaty appearance. It's all good though - such is the life of a Nashville food blogger...... Ha!

I love volunteering at the Beer Pour Stations during these festivals and I think I'm getting pretty good at it! Working the late shift seems to attract some of the most fun, slightly inebriated, festival goers of the whole day. My tip bucket kept filling up so I guess I was doing something right!

Behind the scenes at the Beer Pour tent...this is one of the best places to be during these festivals!

I hate that the 3 additional shirts I had on under my stylish Sam Adams T-shirt makes me look like I'm carrying something under there (trust me, I'm not....ha!), but I had to share this picture of me and my good friend/ Beer Pouring buddy Nita, the bRUNcher!

As you would expect, Oktoberfest occurs every October in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville. Check out their website and follow on social media to stay abreast of details for next years event.

--Dr. April

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