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The Farm House

The Farm House Restaurant

There's a brand NEW Restaurant on the Nashville Food scene but the Owner and Chef Trey Cioccia is anything but new to the culinary world! After careful attention to detail and endless nights in the newly constructed kitchen, Cioccia recently opened his doors. Cioccia has been involved all steps of the conceptualization and execution process; from tile selection in the kitchen to visiting over 30 local purveyors from which he sourced fresh ingredients. “It’s been a long road but I am so proud of the final product and can’t wait to see what everyone things,” said Cioccia.
Chef Cioccia is no stranger to the Nashville fine-dining scene. Holding dual degrees in Culinary Arts and Hotel & Restaurant Management, he has over a decade of experience as a chef. During his time at The Hermitage Hotel’s Capitol Grille, where he served under Tyler Brown before being promoted to executive chef, the restaurant was named Best Restaurant in Nashville. Most recently, he was executive chef of Cantina Laredo in The Gulch, which was named Nashville’s Best New Mexican Restaurant in 2010.
Not to be overshadowed by the food, the Farm House will also offer a refined bar program featuring high-quality bourbons, house-flavored moonshine, local microbrews and updated takes on Southern staples like the Old Fashioned.  To complement the cocktail menu, bar guests can indulge in a plethora of fun bar snacks like crispy pork rinds and fried chicken skins.
I was recently invited to a sneak peak and Chef tasting prior to the restaurant actually opening and here's a review of what I enjoyed:

Cornmeal Bacon! So you can never go wrong with bacon, but have you ever had it battered in Cornmeal?? I could not keep my pretty little hands off of it :-)

House made Pork Rinds  - These are a bit "softer" than the ones you buy in the store which makes them feel and taste a bit fancier! Great flavor....

The Cranberry-raisin type Chutney provided to top the Cornmeal Bacon is amazing and is one of the main reasons I could not stop eating them!

They have a great private room complete with A/V equipment for private parties and meetings

...more of the private room

Mirror Mirror on the wall...who's the fairest of them all?!?

Double Deviled Egg - Authentically Southern And Delicious!

Salmon Patty with Peas and Carrots - This was light, flaky and gorgeous!

Owner and Chef Trey Cioccia explaining his excitement over the opening of this new restaurant which is a dream come true for him!!

Short Rib with Pearl Onion and Cubeb Jus

This Short Rib is deliciously tender and packed with juicy flavor


Sweet Tea Crème Brulee - Yes!! Another authentically Southern dish - Sweet tea and Crème Brulee combined into one Dessert.......................

Buttermilk Ice Cream & House Cookie - I could really taste the buttermilk in this ice cream! It's smooth and light.

In addition to the fab glass of white wine that I sipped on, I had a craving for some effervescence in the form of a Ginger Ale and boy was this a good one :-) Ale 81 is also a southern soda brand, Bottled in Winchester Kentucky

How gorgeous is all this great architecture and interior design?!? Chef Trey sourced most, if not all, of this wood himself from here in the south!

Take a look at this good ole Church Pew...Love it! Just another one of the items that Chef Trey rehabbed for the restaurant. If I'm not mistaken, it came from the same church where the hostess stand, which is a 120 year old Pulpit, came from in Parsons, TN!

Owner and Chef Trey Cioccia

Cool Menus

You know a restaurant is southern when even the soap dispenser in the bathroom is a Mason Jar...gotta love it!

You can find The Farm House at

210 Almond Street (Bottom of the Encore Building downtown)
Nashville, TN 37201

--Dr. April

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