Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rolf And Daughters

Rolf And Daughters

Yes Yes Yes! I finally made it to Rolf And Daughters! Rolf And Daughters has been one of the hottest places to eat since it arrived on the Nashville Food Scene last year. I pass the restaurant numerous times per week on the way home from my office, but there are so many great restaurants in Nashville that its hard to keep up sometimes LOL!

Who better to enjoy this restaurant with than a fellow food blogger and wine expert, Lisa Mays of Wine With Lisa!

This gorgeous backdrop encouraged me to be a little creative with my photography :-)

This is the Peach Shrub. Let me tell you what I learned about drinks with the name "Shrub" in it ----> If "Shrub" is included in the name of the drink, there will be a vinegar flavor to it. I also learned that I don't like Vinegar based refreshers...YIKES! Thanks for the info Lisa :-)

After the Peach Shrub mismatch with my taste buds I decided to have the Ginger, Lime & Mint Refresher....Much better!

Heirloom Tomatoes, Banyuls dressing, herbs - This was so refreshing!

Sourdough bread with Seaweed Butter - LOVED IT!

I love this shot I captured of the salt and radishes!

Squashes, burrata, arugula, olive - Another refreshing starter!

Wait for it..........

Polenta, stewed Peppers, Smoked Paprika - I didn't want to walk away too stuffed so I decided upon these Polenta sticks and boy are they delicious and light.


Bombolini, Vanilla Cream, Chocolate Sauce - One word ---> Fantastic!

Vanilla Pana Cotta, Saba, Almond Cookies, Peaches - Another great dessert!

Eating and chatting 'til the sun went down..............

Great experience!

You can find Rolf & Daughters online at www.rolfanddaughters.com

700 Taylor Street
Nashville, TN

--Dr. April

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