Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nashville Food Bloggers Potluck

Nashville Food Bloggers Potluck

The Nashville Food Bloggers is ONE COOL GROUP of people and I'm thrilled to be a member of it :-) Since the weather in Nashville is beggining to cool off just a tad bit, we got together for an end of summer/coming into autumn potluck and canning swap. I don't can fruits and veggies, but I certainly do eat.....really good food when it is laid before me...Ha! We enjoyed the Potluck at the gorgeous Green Door Gourmet at Hidden Valley Farm on a perfectly beautiful Sunday afternoon.

I arrived to the Potluck a little late because I was coming from Church and my fellow food bloggers had already enjoyed many of the dishes (making them not so photogenic) so I didn't get pics of everything. However, here is a rundown of some of the things I enjoyed:

Pumpkin, Cranberry and apple spiced biscuits created by Charles of the food blog, The Local Forkful

Delicious Dessert topped with chocolate chips crafted by Lindsay of Love & Olive Oil

Awesome deviled eggs with pickled okra from Lisa of Wine With Lisa

How cute are these desserts wrapped?
I love fresh tomatoes

The fresh figs were great too!

After we finished eating inside the Green Door Gourmet I ventured out to the Hidden Valley Farm - Green Door Gourmet Store and saw some pumpkins along the way.........

The Green Door Gourmet store at Hidden Valley Farm has some great fresh picked veggies from this very farm

Guess who bought the Southern Moonshine Jelly?!??! Yes, that would be me :-)
And yes, it is as delicious as it sounds!

--Dr. April

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