Monday, October 28, 2013

Made in Nashville Festival 2013

Made In Nashville Festival

There are sooooo many great festivals in Nashville during the month of September that I literally could not keep up. It's times like these that would make having a clone very helpful LOL!

 Made in Nashville is a festival presented by the Tennessee Literacy Coalition and features all that's local about Nashville - Food, Music, and crafts. The weather was perfect and even though there were some college football games on that I really wanted to watch ( and I love myself some College Football!), it was too perfect of a Saturday to sit at home on the couch (even though that's what I did once the sun went down later that evening...)
Here's a bit of what I experienced at the festival:

You could even adopt a pet a pet at the Festival!

Shout out to one of my favorite Nashville Photographers, Kerry Woo of Kerry Woo Photography who is also a Board member of the Tennessee Literacy Coalition

Sweet Creations Pies were on hand to share their delicious desserts! I've featured Sweet Creations Pies here on the blog recently.

Cute lollipops by Nashville Chocolate & Nut Company

These cookies made with Chocolate Whiskey Chips were tasty!

Honey from the folks at O.liv Body Bar in Nashville

TRU BEE Honey from Nashville

These Soy Candles by Lizzy Lee are refreshing


Out of all the food trucks on hand that day, Two Guys in a Lunchbox is the only one I've never had before so, to the lunchbox I went............

French Toast Grilled Cheese - French Toast w/ sweet cream cheese & local fresh strawberries

Yes, it really as delicious as it sounds!! Yes, please!

Can't forget the local music! Bands were on hand all day to keep the crowds entertained!

You can find out more about the Tennessee Literacy Coalition by visiting their website at:

--Dr. April

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