Friday, October 4, 2013

Judge's Vinegaroon

Judge's Vinegarroon

I recently met with a colleague at Judge's Vinegarroon, Authentic Texas Style BBQ right in the heart of Nashville!  Judge's Vinegarroon is my neck of the woods and I have passed it a million times, admiring the cute outdoor patio, but always on my way to another destination and never stopped in. I'm glad I dinned here that day because the Beef Brisket was fantastic!

I was curious as to where the name of the restaurant comes from and I guess other folks who visit are curious too so they listed an explanation on the front of the menu! A Vinegarroon is a scorpion common to Texas and has a strong Bite as does Judge's BBQ!


 in person at

1805 Church St
Nashville, TN

--Dr. April

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