Monday, September 30, 2013

The Trailer Perk

The Trailer Perk Food Truck

I have been following The Trailer Perk on Social Media for some time now, but had never caught up to them in person to taste one of their talked about drinks! On a really HOT day in Nashville, it was my very 1st stop when I made it to Centennial Park for a Musicians Corner event! Thank goodness I did because I think I would have melted without that delicious lemonade :-)

Amy Croger is the owner of the truck and, with it, has been delivering great drinks to Nashville for about 11 months. When I walked up to the truck she told me that she had been reading my blog the night before....Talk about a cool coincidence! Thanks Amy :-)

This food truck is so creative!

Follow them online at

Talk about variety! There are so many coffees, lattes, cold drinks, warm drinks, lemonades, etc to choose from!

What would a trailer perk be without a pink flamingo out front....LOL!

Louisville Lemonade - Tart Lemonade with Blueberry and Pomegranate

Special shout out to Mary and Molly, The Trailer Perk's, "Perk Rangers"!! Thanks for great service ladies :-)

You can find The Trailer Perk Online at and via Facebook and Twitter to locate them throughout the streets of Nashville.

--Dr. April

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