Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Cookery

The Cookery - A Restaurant on a Mission

I absolutely love when I stumble upon great restaurants with an even greater mission and philanthropic purpose. A patient of mine, who follows by blog regularly, brought me a menu from this great new restaurant in his neighborhood, The Cookery. He said they had recently opened and that I should definitely try them out. I did an Internet search to find their exact location and learned so much about this new restaurant in the process.

The Cookery is a catering cafe and culinary training center for men that provides training under a bible based program. It actively teaches practical and professional culinary skills. They seek to give an opportunity to those in the program to hone their learned talents and earn appropriate income for themselves. How amazing is that!

The Cookery is Now open for business!

How cute is this Cafe???! They even have free Wi-Fi. Looks like I may have found a new place to perch with my laptop during some blogging time :-)

Coffee anyone?

While I waited for my lunch, I talked with one of the men in the culinary program at The Cookery. He told me about how he previously lived out of his van that he kept parked across the street from the restaurant. After learning about the program and coming into the restaurant for a couple days in a row, The Cookery offered him a job and he longer has to sleep in a van! Since then, he has been learning about cooking and catering. I could see the hope that this young man has now that he is in the program. I'm sure he is one of many success stories coming out of this culinary ministry!

Tea Smoked Chicken sandwich with Lettuce, thin sliced tomato, grilled onion on a hoagie.

This chicken was so juicy and succulent that I could not even put the sandwich down between bites! My plan was so take the sandwich to go, but after the first was a wrap! LOL

When you dine at The Cookery, you are supporting its ministry and helping men who have suffered hardships to get back on their feet.

You can find The Cookery at:

1827 12th Ave S, Suite A
Nashville, TN 37203


--Dr. April

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