Friday, September 27, 2013

Rumors WIne Bar

Rumors Wine Bar

I pass by Rumors Wine Bar almost everyday and see people sipping wine and eating cheese on the beautiful patio! A couple of Friday's ago, I finally made it to Rumors to enjoy some of the great food and drink I see everyone else eating and drinking when I pass by :-)

Here's what I ate:

Sauce Trio: Lavender Goat Cheese, roasted red pepper and feta and Pesto


Although all of these sauces were good, the Lavender Goat Cheese was my absolute FAVE! I need some of that at home :-)

How cute are these Deviled Eggs? They are pretty delicious too!

Because I had another food event to attend after I left Rumors, I decided on a Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic) instead of wine. The Ginger flavor was very prominent and opened up my sinuses (LOL).....just what good ginger flavor should do!

Rumors is a great Wine Bar or enjoying a relaxing evening with good Wine and food. Even though I stick with appetizers, I saw plenty of more filling options passing by my table for other diners.

You can find Rumors online at


In person at:

1104 Division Street (In the ICON Building in The Gulch)
Nashville, TN 37203

--Dr. April

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  1. You know this post just made me decide to go out for dinner with my family tonight. So thanks for the post, it was a good one! :)