Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nashville Italian Lights Festival

Nashville's Italian Lights Festival 2013

I love food festivals! The weekend of the 2013 Italian Lights Festival was the exact same weekend as a couple of other festivals here in Nashville so I had to be strategic in how I made it to all of them. I decided to go to this one shortly after they opened the gates on that Saturday morning to beat the crowds. I'm really glad I did because I enjoyed some great food without having to stand in long lines. I even looked on as a group of manly men devoured Italian fare in a meatball eating contest. Yeah buddy, they were SERIOUS about that contest LOL!

I love Joey's Pizza! I've featured Joey's House of Pizza here on the blog before

Buns on The Run Food Truck - how cute!

There was plenty of Italian food to go around. I enjoyed the Chivalini on a Stick :-)

----And got myself a Souvenir Cup!

The Chivalini on a Stick!

Chivalini - Sweet Sausage stuffed with aged Provolone Cheese and a yeast roll ( which tasted more like a sweet sugar coated donut and I LOVED it!

Me and my Chivalini.....Can you tell I like saying "Chivalini"?!?! LOL

I got excited when I saw the Coco's Italian Market Truck because Coco's is probably my favorite authentic Italian Restaurant in Nashville! I believe they were selling their market items instead of hot, ready to eat food that day. If they were selling hot food, I'd rather not know at this point because I will be really disappointed that I missed it............

There were plenty of vendors on hand

Yessssssss, the Meatball eating contest!

The contestants had to eat the meatballs blindfolded AND with their hands behind their backs! Did I mention that it was 90+ Degrees outside too??? How many do you think you could eat in 5 minutes??

There was plenty of live music during the entire festival

I'm excited for next year! The Italian Lights Festival occurs every September and the organizers do a great job of advertising prior to the event. Be on the lookout for the billboards and promotion next year!

--Dr. April

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