Monday, September 9, 2013

Husk Nashville

Husk Restaurant Nashville - Part Deux

Let me fill you in on a not so secret secret (LOL), HUSK Restaurant in Nashville is the bomb-diggity!! I had to come back for round two after my initial visit a couple of months ago!

The lunch menu for the day

These Rolls with Pork Fat Butter are fab!

The Alabama White Sauce that accompanies those great wings!

The Smoked Chicken Wings were so amazing the first time I had them, I just had to order them again this go 'round!

The first time I was at Husk for lunch I kept seeing the waiters and waitresses walk by with these delicious cheeseburgers. There are bacon pieces ground up into the burger so that you get pieces of bacon with each and every bite! This was my main course for lunch

Husk Cheeseburger

The Wedge Fries are pretty tasty too!

One of my dining partners enjoyed the Plate of Southern Vegetables. How awesome is that presentation?

There's that delicious Shrimp & Grits again that I enjoyed last visit!

I don't know how the name of this dish got away from me (YIKES!), but it's what my other dining partner enjoyed during lunch

Let me tell you how fabulous this peach pie is!! The fresh peaches come from local favorite, The Peach Truck which delivers fresh Georgia peaches to Nashville daily!

The peach filling is more of a custard type filling that I could have eaten all day long :-)

Blueberry Crisp - made with fresh local blueberries!

After lunch, I walked out to the back of the restaurant where there is a vegetable garden...

The restaurant uses these veggies in a lot of its dishes!

You can find Husk in person at:

37 Rutledge St
Nashville, TN 37210
or online at

--Dr. April

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