Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bradley's Curbside Creamery

Bradley's Curbside Creamery

Ever have a sweet tooth just hit ya outta nowhere?????? Happens to me ALL the time! Luckily, on this particular day, I knew that the Riff's Food Truck Jam was happening not too far from me and there was bound to be a food truck there to satisfy my sweet tooth :-) Bradley's Curbside Creamery hit the spot.

(Photo Credit above: Bradley's Curbside Creamery)

I had already enjoyed wine and cheese for dinner with a friend so by the time I made it to Bradley's Curbside Creamery it was dark. However, for the sake of my food photography, I'm glad Brad had some good light coming off his truck :-)

Bradley's Truck actually came as a recommendation from Ryan at the Waffle Boss Food Truck...thanks Ryan!

Bradley's has some great flavors and they are all homemade by Brad himself!

Bradley offers specialty floats as well.....

I picked one of the best combinations of ice cream, really out of the blue, as I was sampling flavors! I decided upon the Banana and Peanut Butter Flavors and it was absolutely delicious!

Because of the Banana and Peanut Butter Flavors drizzled in Chocolate Sauce I had this bright idea that "we" (Yes, give me credit since it was a light bulb moment for me) should call this "The Elvis"! Brad burst my bubble when he told me that my bright idea was not original and that he actually used to have this very combination on the menu......and called it "The Elvis". Oh darn! LOL

Brad also owns another Ice Cream Truck in Nashville called Hit And Miss Ice Cream. Having two trucks works out very well on busy nights like this one where there are tons of events going on in Nashville at the same time!
--Dr. April

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