Thursday, August 15, 2013

Two Boots Pizza Nashville

Two Boots Pizza - Nashville

Late one night I had a craving, a very specific craving, and it was for one of my favorite comfort foods - Pizza! I had heard about a new Pizza Place that just opened in my neck of the woods and decided to try them out. Two Boots Pizza has been a well known pizza joint in New York City since 1987! After opening additional locations in Baltimore, Los Angeles and New Jersey, they have decided to dig their heels into Music City!

There is NOTHING like being able to go in and grab Pizza-By-The-Slice late at night when you have a craving. And yes, Pizza-By-The-Slice is only authentic if served on a white paper plate, the kind that lets the oil from the pizza soak through.....YEEEEEEES!

I can't help but think back to my days living in downtown Philly where there are Pizza By The Slice restaurants on every corner!

This place is just toooo cute!

This must have been my lucky day (or night) because I was even treated to a fresh baked Chocolate Chip Cookie :-)

Sam Boyer, who heads up the operations at the Nashville Two Boots location, stands with the baker of that great chocolate chip cookie I enjoyed!

I had a great Diet Black Cherry Cola to wash it all down with (Hey, I have to cut calories somewhere...LOL!)

Two boots is open late, from 11am to Midnight Sunday - Wednesday and from 11am to 3am Thursday - Saturday

You can find Two Boots Pizza Online


1925 Broadway
Nashville, TN 3720

--Dr. April

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