Friday, August 16, 2013

Lisa Mays: Summertime Paella Party

Summertime Paella Party 

Hosted by Lisa Mays of Wine With Lisa and My Paella Travels

Lisa Mays is a fellow Nashville Food Blogger who runs Wine With Lisa and My Paella Travels and let me tell ya......she makes a MEAN Paella!

According to Lisa's Blog, "Paella is the most popular and well known dish of Spain. It is a vibrant rice dish often cooked outdoors over an open flame. The passion and spirit of Spain are reflected in its food. Celebrations and parties with family and friends is a great excuse to host a Paella Party! The passion and spirit of Spain is reflected in its food. Paella’s origin is from Valencia where peasants working in the fields filled their paella pans with food from the Mediterranean coast as well as the fields to nourish themselves in a communal style while at work. In Spain, Paella is a family affair. Families and friends gather around a bubbling pan filled with brilliant yellow rice and fragrances of bold spices of saffron, chorizo and succulent seafood or earthy roasted meats."

A couple of weeks ago she hosted a Paella Party and invited some friends to demonstrate how she cooks this amazing dish! The best part is that after the demonstration, I was able to eat as much Southern-Inspired Paella as my heart desired!

Of course, Wine With Lisa would have PLENTY of wine on hand for the evening......

You can never go wrong with Sangria's on a nice summer evening :-)

Anti-pasta for the arriving guests

I can eat Olives all day long...soooo good!

Can I have the recipe for this Mushroom dish, please?!?! It's Amazing!

More wine.........

I'm gonna have to get the recipe for this salad too please!! It's a Kale Salad with a deliciously sweet dressing! Fingers crossed that Cacey (guest) will share it with me :-)

Lisa's Husband firing up the authentic Paella Pan/Burner

This Paella was "Southern-Inspired" and Lisa used locally sourced meets

That's Lisa on the firing up her Paella pan

Plenty of Olive Oil does the trick!

One of Lisa's friends, Mike Cullison, provided some great musical entertainment for us that evening

Lisa uses a really long paddle to stir the ingredients and prevent burning herself from the pan's heat - smart idea Lisa!

Isn't this coming together nicely?!?!

Lisa describing some Wine Pairings that go well with Paella

Check out all that fresh seafood - Clams, Mussels, Jumbo Shrimp!

Taa-Daa: The Finished Product!

Dishing it up for the guests to enjoy :-)

I didn't want to overdo it on the wine so I enjoyed this citrus sparkling beverage and it's very refreshing :-)

I agreed to bring a Tres Leches cake to the party. My initial intent was to actually make the Tres Leches cake myself. However, I had one heck of a busy weekend and didn't have time. Without second thought, I called up my friend Juan Reyes, owner of Salsa Puerto Rican Restaurant here in Nashville, and had his pastry chef make me one....YES! It was an absolute HIT and did not last long at ALL :-)

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--Dr. April

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