Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Husk Restaurant Nashville

Husk Restaurant Nashville

Yes! I finally made it to one of the hottest new restaurants in town - Husk! Since the day Husk opened just a few short months ago, the waiting list for dinner reservations has been quite long because of the great reputation of Husk Executive Chef Sean Brock. I decided to try for a lunch reservation and it must have been my lucky day because I got a spot!

I was here for a networking lunch with a colleague so I had to depend on my trusty iPhone instead of my big girl camera :-) 

The gorgeous southern masterpiece that houses Husk was built in the late 1800's and was home to the first Mayor of Nashville. It is currently on the National Registry of Historic Places

Executive Chef Sean Brock is a 2010 James Beard Award Winner which, if you are not familiar, is like a Hollywood Oscar in the culinary world and a winner of "The Next Great Chef" TV show. His Charleston, SC restaurant of the same name, Husk, was honored with Bon Appetite Magazine's "Best Restaurant in America Award in 2011. He is known for proclaiming, "If it ain't southern, it ain't walkin' through the door!"

The decor of each dining room is simply stunning with amazing art on just about every wall

More small touches to love about this restaurant ---> the menus that are printed daily because the selection changes daily along with gorgeous plates which are made by a local Nashville potter

The delicious rolls were sprinkled with sea salt and accompanied by Pork Butter made with pork about good!

One of my favorite sodas EVER is a nice cold Peach Nehi! Nehi is a southern classic founded by Georgia grocer Claude A. Hatcher and introduced in 1924 by Chero Cola Company. The company later changed it's name to the Royal Crown Company because of the popularity of its cola.

When I saw this Nehi in bottle form on the menu, I HAD to have it :-)

Smoked Chicken Wings with Pepper Mash Dry Rub and Alabama White Sauce
So, where do I begin talking about how good these wings are! The smokey flavor and aroma are so amazing, it's like they were just pulled straight off a charcoal grill out back. They are great with and without the Alabama Comeback Sauce

BBQ Pork Ribs with smoked Peach, Peanuts and Scallion

The smoked Peach Sauce is sweet and tangy and,  just like the Smoked wings above, has a great down-home southern BBQ smoky flavor. The ribs were literally fall off-the-bone tender and juicy!

South Carolina Shrimp and Weisenberger Grits with Preserved Tomato, Shiitake Mushrooms, Poached Wedge Oak Farm Egg
This is another dish where I just don't know where to begin describing how Amazing it is! This Shrimp & Grits gave me one of the those "eyes rolling into the back of my head" moments the instant the fork hit my tongue! The flavors are bold, full and savory. The grits are cooked just the way they should be in the south. They poached egg is aesthetically appealing and the shrimp.......oh the shrimp! Yummy!

Husk wants us to stay connected so follow them on their website and their social media platforms

I already have another reservation for Husk coming up this week and will see about taking the big girl DSLR camera along with me then!

You can visit the Husk website at


In Person at:
37 Rutledge St
Nashville, TN 37210

-- Dr. April

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