Monday, July 15, 2013

The Waffle Boss Part 2 : Food Truck Frenzy

The Waffle Boss Part 2: Food Truck Frenzy!

The Waffle Boss is one of my favorite Nashville Food Trucks because their Chicken & Waffles are consistently good and the owners of the truck, Ryan and his wife, are always soooooooo nice :-) The first time I checked them out, I had the Red Velvet Waffle (said while doing my happy food dance!!). You can see that blog post HERE!

This time I opted for the Birthday Cake Waffle topped with chicken and let me tell you that it is just as fabulous as the Red Velvet! I think there are little sprinkles mixed into the batter that make it colorful and fun....just like a birthday cake!

Thank You Waffle Boss for another great Food Truck Experience!

--Dr. April

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