Monday, July 1, 2013

The Cupcake Collection - The Sweetest Spot in Germantown

The Cupcake Collection  - The Sweetest Spot in Germantown!

I'm sooooo glad I get to finally share this blog post with you all! I've been holding on to it for a couple of months because I wrote a feature on it for Mocha Market Magazine and was waiting for this issue to come out. Well, the latest edition of Mocha Market Magazine featuring my article on The Cupcake Collection is NOW AVAILABLE and I can share the article and more photos that I took at the cupcake collection.

Click here to read the entire article (Page 62-63) and see the screenshot below:

The cute purple house on 6th Ave in Germantown is easily recognizable to Nashville Cupcake lovers!

Oooooh.....those Amazing Cupcake Flavors!

 The Francois Family


 ....and More Yum!

It looks like I'm not the only one buzzing about how Awesome The Cupcake Collection is!

Mignon has been named Nashville's Sugar Queen for the past two years - 2011 and 2012!


Key Lime Cupcake - one of my FAVORITES!

Strawberry Cupcake - Yes...there are REAL Strawberry pieces in the cupcake AND the frosting!

Red Velvet - WOW!


You can find The Cupcake Collection online @


in person at

1213 6th Ave N  
Nashville, TN 37208

--Dr. April

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