Thursday, July 4, 2013

Teresa Blackburn Food Styling Workshop

Teresa Blackburn Food Styling Workshop

A couple weekends ago, I had the pleasure of attending a food styling workshop with a true master of food styling, Teresa Blackburn!! I've followed Teresa's work for a while now and she is AWESOME at what she does. As I lover of food photography, I understand that there is more to taking a great culinary photo than simply pressing the shutter on a camera. Teresa is THAT person on set of commercial and editorial shoots who styles the food and makes it look flawless in front of the camera.

For 25 years she has worked as a food stylist for commercial and editorial projects as well as for cookbooks, blogs, web and magazines. Some of her more famous clients include Relish Magazine, Ruby Tuesday, Olive Garden, Whole Foods, Jack Daniels, HGTV, Heinz Ketchup and many more. Based out of Nashville, we are lucky to have her nearby and appreciative that she came to share some knowledge with us on a beautiful Saturday morning!

Take a look at some pics from the workshop. I can't show you EVERYTHING she taught us....we have to keep some things a secret LOL!

I participated in the workshop as a member of the Nashville Food Bloggers Association

Teresa answering questions about her successful Food Styling Career...

One of the Photo Shoot Set-up's

Teresa working her magic.....

Our culinary subject of choice that morning was this gorgeous salad!

That gorgeous hand is courtesy of fellow Nashville Food Blogger Shamille at A Kitchen Somewhere. Thanks Shamille!

The set-up

Teresa also taught us the correct technique for creating a Dollop of cream atop desserts :-). I think I did a pretty good job....What do yo think??

I think everyone did a great job creating their Dollops!

More Dollops...hehe

No, this not an electrician's tool kit! This is actually Teresa's Food Styling Kit...Serious stuff!

I enjoyed networking with other Nashville Food Bloggers as well.....Fun Times!!!!!

-- Dr. April

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