Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sky Blue Cafe

Saturday Brunch @ Sky Blue Cafe

Hey there foodies! Today's Blog Post is an oldie but goodie! I actually visited Sky Blue Cafe in East Nashville before the official launch of Dinner With Nerds.  It was a beautiful summer Saturday and  I wanted to try something new. I had been hearing about this place located in East Nashville and decided to check them out. At the time, Sky Blue Cafe only served Breakfast/Brunch (They now serve dinner as well). The place was packed and since I was out and about by myself this morning, I decided to just sit at the bar so that I could chat with the Baristas....yes I sat at the coffee bar for breakfast :-)

The Baristas and the chef were friendly and informative when I asked some of the many questions I usually ask of the staff when I visit a new restaurant. They use a lot of local products including the coffee and Bagels which come from a local bakery. Many of the fresh vegetables and herbs are grown in a nearby garden.

Since this was an impromptu restaurant visit, I did not have my professional camera on me....just the trusty iPhone. I hope you enjoy the pics! 

Soooooooo, this was pretty amazing and is what I initially ordered. It's a breakfast sandwich complete with sausage, eggs and cheese. Alone, the sandwich would be enough. However, as you can see, the sandwich is literally sandwiched in between 2 pancakes and topped with powdered sugar....WOW!

As I was learning more about the restaurant from the Chef, he told me that he had a great Caprese salad that I should try because the tomatoes are picked fresh from the garden across the street. I'm glad I took his suggestion because this was one of the best Caprese Salads I have ever had! It reminded me of warm summer evenings sitting on the deck with my dad eating fresh picked tomatoes. 

Caprese Salad - Fresh tomatoes, Mozzarella, Pesto and Fresh Basil

Now, by this time I am hooked and Breakfast has turned into Brunch. I love anything made with Blue Cheese and when I spotted this burger I had to try it! This burger is stuffed with blue cheese and topped with balsamic caramelized about good!

Blue Burger

On the chalkboard display at the entrance to the restaurant, I noticed the Deep Fried Oreos on the menu...yes really - Deep Fried Oreos! As if this dessert could not get any better, it is served with Espresso Whip Cream that is 10 times better than dipping them in milk!

Deep Fried Oreos

I'm sure you can see that I enjoyed myself at Sky Blue Cafe and I'm sure you will too!
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--Dr. April

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  1. Yummm another food blog. Making me hungry as I write. I think the fried oreos are so good. The blue burger seems interesting. I would try that out