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Lori Vance of A Positive Curl

At The Table with Lori Vance of "A Positive Curl"

A while back, I came across a fellow blogger who inspires others to view the "kinks" in life as opportunities to learn more about themselves and appreciate their unique characteristics. Her name is Lori Vance and she runs a blog called A Positive Curl. She developed the idea for her blog from an ongoing experience when she was younger - the experience of hating her naturally curly hair. It took years for Lori to embrace the hair that God gave her and now she uses her experience to inspire others!

If it's any consolation Lori -  I know girls who pay for hair like yours!! I'm glad you have learned to embrace it :-)

Check out my interview with Lori below:

Blogger Lori Vance of A Positive Curl

Dr. April: So Lori, I absolutely love your blog and it resonates with me because of your energy and positivity. The name of your blog itself is adorable! You talk a lot about working out the kinks in life. We all have them, even when we don’t like to admit them. However, there are ways to work them out. Reading your stories about how you work through everyday issues is refreshing because I see some of my own struggles in what you write about. So, let’s start by you telling me where you are from?

Lori: I am from Houston, TX. I now live in a suburb of Houston, but when people ask me where I am from I say Houston - it’s easier that way!

Dr. April:
So I’m going to have you think back a little bit to when you were 16 years old. At that age, what did you want to be when you “grew up”?

Lori: When I was 16 years old, I was preparing for college. At that time, I wanted to be an Ob/Gyn. The reason for this is that when I was younger, I was such a huge fan of The Cosby Show and Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable. For some reason, Dr. Huxtable inspired me to want to be an ob/gyn. I envisioned myself being a doctor and delivering babies and having all these wonderful stories to share with people LOL.

Dr. April:
Well, you are not an obstetrician but you do have wonderful stories to tell through your blog!

So you mentioned that you were preparing for college at that time. Where did you attend college and what is your degree in?

Lori: I attended Baylor University in Waco, TX. I started out as a pre-med major, but somewhere around the end of my Junior year I realized that a lot of time and energy goes into becoming a doctor and being a doctor. It just all seemed really overwhelming to me. I realized that it was not the path I saw myself going down because I also saw myself wanting a family and wanted to enjoy my weekends. I didn’t want to have to be on call. So I decided during my Junior year to switch my major to business. I enjoyed business, stuck with it and graduated with a degree in business administration.

Dr. April:
So you are using your business degree now in your full time career, correct? Tell me more about that..........

My full time career is in business at an investment management company where I work in client service reporting.

Dr. April: I’m sure that your blog is your creative outlet outside of the business world and corporate structure that you deal with everyday. Tell me a little bit more about your blog, A Positive Curl. Tell me where the idea came from.

When I was 16 years old I had really high goals for myself, but I was also really insecure. Specifically, I was insecure about my naturally very, very curly hair. Bottom line - I hated my hair. All of my friends had what I thought was this perfect, straight beautiful hair and here I was with, what I thought, was a crazy, frizzy mess on top of my head. I felt like I could never be myself because there was this whole part of me that was hiding. Everyday, I would straighten my hair and God forbid it would rain, I would have to duck and hide for cover because I didn’t want anyone to know that my hair was naturally very curly. Fast forward to after college. One day I just decided that I was just tired of hiding who I am. God gave me this hair for a reason and I have to believe that he wouldn’t make anything on me that’s ugly. I feel that whatever God creates is for a purpose and it’s beautiful. I started to accept my curls. Little by little, I started to wear it curly. I started by putting it in a bun so people couldn’t really see that it was naturally curly - they would just get the idea LOL. Over time, I started wearing it curly more and I accepted it. Then, one day, I went swimming with a friend and when I got out of the pool my hair was big and curly and I loved it! I had never had that feeling before, but I loved it!  It was from that moment that I felt that all those years I spent being insecure about my hair was just silly.

I felt like other people could connect with my story. We all have things about ourselves that we don’t like and that we wish we could change. It may not be your hair, but it may be your height. I really wanted to connect with other people and tell others that who you are and who God made you is beautiful and you should embrace who you are just the way that you are without comparing yourself to other people. That is what inspired me to start the blog.

Dr. April: I’m glad that it inspired you because your blog posts have inspired me. It may not be a hair issue for me but there are days that I wake up, get dressed and nothing seems to look right. I don’t feel glamorous every day LOL! There are insecurities that we all carry that we think are the biggest issues in the world and to others, it’s totally not important.

There is a post of yours that I recently read titled “Today I Will Refuse to Compare” where you describe your thought process when you begin to compare yourself to others. How do you stop, what I call, the “stinkn’ thinkn’ mentality?

Lori: It’s something that I constantly have to remind myself - to stop comparing myself to other women. Say for example I am walking into work and I see a women with long flowing hair, Tall, slender, wearing what looks to be expensive clothes. What I’ve done in the past is to compare myself to her. Now, what I try to do is compliment that person and say, “Wow, you look really nice today” or “I like your outfit”. If I like someones hair or outfit, I just tell them and it releases me from feeling like I need to be that way too. Just acknowledge that person and compliment them. While I’m complimenting that person, I will also tell myself, “Lori, you have good style and fashion too! Your hair is pretty too. Your smile is pretty too!” I do this instead of pumping her up and putting myself down.

Dr. April:
Wow! That’s powerful. Someone else being gorgeous does not mean that you are not. Someone else having great style, does not mean that yours is bad. That’s a great thought process Lori!

Lori: Thanks! It’s an on-going everyday process of reminding myself that I’m beautiful too!

Dr. April: What do you like most about your blog?

Lori: I love getting to hear people’s stories! When I first started the blog it was about my hair, but I love hearing about what other people find to be the kinks in their lives and how they overcome those

Dr. April: Are there any lessons that you have learned about yourself since starting your blog?

Yes. #1 - I’ve learned that I am and always will be a work in progress. #2 - I’ve learned to not be so hard on myself. I’ve always been a perfectionist and I thought that was a good thing, but now I’m learning that it’s not really a good thing because it puts that unnecessary pressure on myself to be perfect. I’ll never be perfect, but I think that who is am is really awesome!

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Lori as much as I did!

You can find Lori's Blog online at


--Dr. April

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