Saturday, July 6, 2013

Julia's Mobile Bakery

Julia's Mobile Bakery

I caught up with Julia's Mobile Bakery a couple of Saturday's ago at Centennial Park during the weekly Musician's Corner's activities. This was one of those days where I just wanted something sweet to eat and anything on this food truck would be a perfect fix for that craving!

Even with soooooo many desserts ranging from pastries and pies to cakes and decorative cookies, guess what I choose to enjoy?!?!? That's right - M&M Cookies! Sometimes, the best option is the most simple and you can NEVER go wrong with fresh baked M&M Cookies :-)
These certainly did not disappoint...Yum!

P.S. - A couple of weeks after this initial visit, I caught up with them again at Centennial park and  ordered a froggie. No, not a real frog silly.....just a really tasty sugar cookie all dressed up to look like one!!!


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--Dr. April

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