Monday, July 22, 2013

Carmen April My Aha Moment with Mutual of Omaha

My Aha Moment with Mutual of Omaha

I was contacted by Mutual of Omaha to share My "Aha Moment" on their "My Aha Moment Tour". I am totally honored that they found my blog and enjoyed it and my story enough to ask me to participate!!

This is me inside the mobile recording studio :-)

The Aha Moment Bus has been traveling the country to find out what inspires and encourages individuals

For my interview, I discussed how embracing all of my passions has added tremendous balance and joy to my life! I love being a physician, but there is more to me and my life than being a good doctor. God has blessed me with many talents and it would be a disservice to myself and those around me to not utilize those gifts to my fullest potential!

I had so much fun recording my "Aha Moment" that I want to do it again!!!!!

You can read more about Mutual of Omaha's Aha Moment Tour by following this link:

Dr. April

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