Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cafe Fontanella Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar

Cafe Fontanella - Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar

All of you regular followers of my blog know that I am obsessed with Food Photography and have been since I was kid! A couple of weeks ago, instead of shooting food, I photographed people!! I did a photo shoot for a friend of mine who does a yearly photo shoot with her daughter and asked me to do them for her this year.......Que my happy dance!!!!!!

I had an absolute ball shooting portraits of my friend, her mom and her daughter! After a couple hours behind the lens, I was hungry and so was she so we stopped by Cafe Fontanella in Nashville for lunch. Cafe Fontanella has been on my list of places to visit for quit some time so I am happy to have visited and marked it off my list :-)

Here's what I ate............

Tumbleweed Onion Rings served with tomato ranch sauce
I loved these and the tomato ranch sauce was a perfect match for the rings!

Fettuccine Alfredo

I strayed away from Fettuccine Alfredo for a while because, at one point in time, I was eating waaaaaaaay too much of it and couldn't imagine that those calories were good for my waistline and took a sabbatical from it! It's been months since I've enjoyed this dish so, this day, I figured "why not"? I loved it! The portion was huge so I ate half and enjoyed the other half for dinner the next day :-)

You can find Cafe Fontanella online at:

In person at:

4225 Whites Creek Pike 
Nashville, TN 37189

--Dr. April

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