Wednesday, June 12, 2013

St. Andrew's Episcopal School: Recognized as 18th Top Day school in country!

St Andrew's Episcopal School - I'm so proud of my high school Alma Matter!

Allow me to take a minute....or two....or brag on something exemplary! My high school Alma Mater, St. Andrew's Episcopal School  in Ridgeland, MS was recently recognized as the 18th Top Private Day School in the Country! 

Que the confetti, streamers, horns and release of balloons!

St. Andrew's has always been near and dear to my heart because of the expectation and environment of excellence that it encourages and promotes! Every year, 99% - 100% of the graduating class attends college! The principles of honesty and integrity stick with me to this day. In fact, I can still recite the St. Andrew's Honor Code in my sleep...."On my honor, As a St Andrew's Student, I will not lie, cheat or steal". As students, we wrote this at the top of every exam, every research paper, every anything that we turned it. There is an honor code ceremony at the beginning of each school year where we pledged to uphold the integrity of our school and ourselves.

I went back to check out the school website and I've pasted below what the school says about its approach. I found many similarities between the St. Andrew's concept and my philosophy on learning and following my dreams. Furthermore, It's the same philosophy and driving force behind this blog! Wow, It's amazing how things come full circle in life!

Here's the excerpt from St. Andrew's website:

"St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is an independent, co-ed, college prep school for students in pre-K through the twelfth grade. Best known for outstanding academics, St. Andrew’s has earned a reputation as “the smart school.”

But at St. Andrew’s, “smart” means more than academic excellence.

Smart is making good decisions on the playing field as well as on the exam. Smart is understanding that it takes as much genius to paint a portrait as it does to solve a calculus problem, and that a song or play can influence the world just as profoundly as groundbreaking scientific research or a new computer program.

At St. Andrew’s, “smart” is doing the honorable thing instead of the easy thing. It’s making lifelong friends from all walks of life. Smart is understanding there’s a world beyond your campus, your city, your state and even your country, and being prepared to help shape it.
It’s this balance that makes our students proud to be known as the smart kids. And it’s the desire for a place that nurtures smarts in every aspect of student life that ultimately leads families here.
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. Where it’s cool to be smart."

Yes, it is COOL to be Smart! 

  My sister Candice and I, both St. Andrew's Alumni, at her Dental School Cusp of Carabelli Ball a couple of years ago 

My sister, Dr. Candice April (who is now a Dentist), is also a St. Andrew's Alum. We both graduated 10+ years ago, but my mother still proudly drives around with her big blue and white St. Andrew's bumper sticker on her car :-)

Again, Well done St. Andrew's!!!!!

--Dr. April

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