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Dishcrawl Nashville: The Gulch

Dishcrawl Nashville: The Gulch

This past weekend I participated in Dishcrawl Nashville and was able to visit 6 restaurants and food trucks - all in ONE Afternoon!! I think Dishcrawl is such an awesome idea that I just had to be a part of it and.........The Gulch is one of my favorite Nashville neighborhoods :-) 

Here's how it works - You buy a ticket through the Dishcrawl Nashville website. The ticket entitles you to dine at a select number of restaurants within a set neighborhood. Once you check-in, you are given a map and a menu, then it's time to start your neighborhood Dishcrawl. You can do the crawl alone or with friends. I usually work alone when I'm out and about for my blog which works for me on a number of different levels. #1 - attending these events alone allows me to meet new people who are also on the adventures because I'm not focused on interacting with a group of people I already know. #2 - it allows me to eat, really taste the flavors and take notes so that I can accurately blog about my experience!

Not only did I enjoy visiting all 6 restaurants, I got in some good exercise (by walking from restaurant to restaurant), and got a nice is June in Nashville, TN you know!

Dishcrawl Nashville is also reaching out to the community by donating a portion of the proceeds from each Neighborfood adventure to a local non-profit organization! The two organizations that will benefit from this Dishcrawl in The Gulch are Hands On Nashville and East C.A.N.

Kudos to Cacey Lewis, the Nashville Dishcrawl Ambassador, for spearheading a great event! I'm horrible with remembering names, but pretty good at remembering faces of those I've met through networking, etc. Upon meeting Cacey today, I kept trying to figure out where I had seen her before. Half-way through my Dishcrawl adventure, it finally came to me!!!!! Cacey and I initially met last summer during Wine Down Wednesday networking at Music City Flats (This is when it was Urban Flats - before their ownership and name change). How cool is that - I love networking!

Check out pics from my 1st Dishcrawl Nashville adventure:

The Menu and The Map for the afternoon. 
 Let the Dish Crawling begin!!!!!!!!

Over 450+ people were in attendance for Dish Crawl in the Gulch!

My first stop was at Kocktails & Kouture were I enjoyed a Dijon mango crab cake. The crab cake was nice and flaky with a sweet Dijon corn bacon salsa.

The Pillow Talk Cocktail made with fresh cucumber and St. Germain

How refreshing!!

My 2nd stop was Music City Flats.............

Encrusted Steak Medallion with Parsnip Mashed Potatoes and sauteed Kale and onions

The sauteed Kale paired very well with the mashed potatoes and steak medallions. I loved it!

Moving right on along to my 3rd stop - Your Dish Is Our Command

 Potato Puffer - this little puffer had a slight kick to it and made it fun!

My 4th stop -  Colts Chocolates

 Bolt's Chocolate - Peanut Butter and Almonds

Classic Chocolate

Salty Caramel Gooey Butter Bar - I love salted caramel and, yes, it was gooey = great combination!

Gluten Free Chocolate, Peanut and Marshmallow bar - Truly decadent!

 My 5th stop - Crepe Diem

 Crepe Diem offers both Savory and Sweet Crepes

Lemon n' Sugar Crepe - The Lemon flavor was refreshing and light. Great!

This truck is so cute!

My 6th and last stop on the Dish Crawl adventure - Mirko Pasta

Fresh Fusilli Pasta with Pomodoro sauce

Fresh Fusilli Pasta with Salsiccia sauce - This was my favorite of the two. I'm more a fan of cream- based pasta sauces in general which is probably why this is my favorite!

You can learn about Dish Crawl and their upcoming excursions at

--Dr. April

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