Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bobbie's Dairy Dip

Summertime at Bobbie's Dairy Dip

It's Summertime here in The Music City and I've been on the prowl for fun, warm-weather eateries. My latest adventure led me to a longstanding Nashville gem - Bobbie's Dairy Dip. There's a reason this place has been around for more than 60 year......everything is good! I enjoyed great soda shop music playing overhead and dined at one of the communal picnic tables outside...... The lime green one!

Cheeseburger with Pepper Jack Cheese - This burger was SOOO good! It tastes like someone grilled it on an open flame in the backyard then added all the fun picnic fixn's to make it superb!!

Banana Boat - Bobbie's Dairy dip carries the basic flavors of chocolate, vanilla and swirl. No fancy-dancy wild flavors such as "Strawberry Banana Tahitian Sun fruit" here lol. This was as basic a banana split as you can get, but is also what a banana split is supposed to be....... Yummy!!  It's topped with chocolate and caramel drizzle, strawberries banana and whipped cream...Yum!

You can find Bobbie's Dairy Dip on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bobbiesdairydipcharlotteave


5301 Charlotte Ave  Nashville, TN 37209

--Dr. April

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