Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lunch with Music Industry Veterans Robie Nichols, Carl "Butch" Small & Fred Bridges

Lunch with Music Industry Veterans Robie Nichols, Carl "Butch" Small and Fred Bridges

On My first trip to Nashville's Famous Loveless Cafe, I was accompanied by three music industry professionals who have literally traveled the world and indulged in the best of international cuisine! They were in town for a show that The Four Tops and The Temptations had that weekend at the Ryman Auditorium. Of course, since they were in Nashville, I had to treat them to a restaurant that is "uniquely" Nashville :-)

My amazingly hilarious cousin, Robie Nichols, is the Wardrobe Manager for the legendary Motown group, The Four Tops!!! He is the one responsible for all of the snazzy outfits that they perform in onstage...How cool is that! He could easily make a living as a comedian because spending more than 10 minutes around my big Cuz will leave you in stitches from laughing so hard at his jokes!!!

Carl "Butch" Small is the Lead Percussionist for The Four Tops and has played, written and produced for some of the biggest names in the industry such as Parliament Funkadelic (including the hits "Atomic Dog" and "One Nation Under A Groove"), Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Mariah Carry, 2 Pac, Justin Beiber and many more!

Fred Bridges is the Road Manager/Booking Manager for The Four Tops and has had a storied career as a singer,  writer and producer in the music industry for more than 40+ years!

I have to admit that I got so caught up talking with these guys about life in the music industry that I didn't take as many pics of the delicious food as I usually do! Added to that is the fact that it was an absolutely GORGEOUS day out and I was certainly soaking up the sun as we dined at a cute little picnic table out front :-). Here's a look at what I captured with my lens...

Loveless Cafe is famously known for it's biscuits and they certainly did not disappoint! I enjoyed mine with Peach Preserves...YUMMY!
 (This one is actually one of my iPhone shots)

 That's a lot of chicken ( an entire chicken half) but, it was seasoned so great that I devoured it in no time! In my own defense, I purposely did not eat at all earlier that day because I knew we were planning to eat here :-)
 (Another iPhone shot)

Oh yes...this Peach Cobbler! I would go back just for good and sweet :-)
(Shot with my DSLR Camera)

 Of course, I HAD to take this picture with my big cousin!

I know this picture is kinda busy but, you get the point.....LOL!

You can find the Loveless Cafe online @


In person at:

8400 Hwy 100
Nashville, TN 37221

--Dr. April

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