Monday, May 20, 2013

Dr. Carmen April featured on "The Day I Quit"

Show Me Some Bloggin' Love: My feature on "The Day I Quit" With Laurel Staples

I was so excited to share my "Day I Quit" story with Laurel Staples, an entrepreneur with an awesome blog called The Day I Quit 
Laurel interviewed me about my quitting story that happened almost 3 years ago. Many of you who already follow my blog know that in addition to running this blog, I am a Podiatrist and own my medical practice in the Nashville area. Well, the opportunity for me to start my own practice came as the result of quitting a REALLY BAD JOB in another medical practice and stepping out on my Faith in God to start my own!
Sometimes, the adverse happenings in our lives may seem like setbacks when in fact they are setups for something greater!
I hope you enjoy Laurel's interview of me. Here's the link below:
Dr. Carmen April (
--Dr. April

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