Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Derby Brunch 2013

Dinner With Nerds Derby-Style Brunch 2013

In honor of the Kentucky Derby 2013, I decided to host a Derby-style Brunch with some of my friends at a fabulously chic Nashville restaurant - Kocktails & Kouture. I actually featured Kocktails & Kouture here on the blog a couple of months ago (See it HERE!).

 This dynamic group of ladies made this brunch so much fun that I want to plan another one.....like Right Now!

Since this blog is titled Dinner With Nerds, I'm gonna fill you in on just how "nerdy" these ladies are. After all, "There's a New Cool Table™" at Dinner With Nerds and being SMART = being COOL!

Enjoy pics from the Derby Brunch below!

Yep, that's me about to walk into the Derby Brunch :-)

Everything about this restaurant is chic - even the menus!

 I've known Nikki for 10+ years and she's an awesome friend! We both graduated from Mississippi State University, pledged the same sorority chapter - Lambda Eta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc,  and even attend the same church. She and my sister were actually college roommates and is how she and I met!


Karesse never takes a bad picture!

'Gone With The Wind' Bottomless Mimosas - the perfect Derby Brunch Refreshment!

 And Yes, I took full advantage of the 'Bottomless' component of this special ;-)

Karesse, is a Corporate Trainer, specifically an ICD-10 Training Developer (for all you in the medical/healthcare profession, you really know what this is!) for a major national healthcare company headquartered here in Nashville and.........like I mentioned earlier, never takes a bad picture!

Like I said.....we really did have THIS much fun during the brunch LOL!

Snazzy ladies in their big hats!

Cassandra is a Communications Manager in the non-profit sector here in Nashville. She has an awesome speaking voice and also does professional voice-overs!

Perri is an Award Winning Public Relations Expert and co-owns a PR firm - DuGard-Ellis Public Relations. You can check out her website and work HERE !

Dr. Keisha is a PhD Psychologist who owns her own Psychology Practice (Check out her practice website HERE) and is a clinical Psychologist in a state correctional facility. I always love talking to Keisha because she always gives great, un-biased answers to questions. It's like getting free therapy LOL!

LaTasha is a Labor Attorney - It would benefit you not to break any laws around LaTasha LOL 

 Nikki is a Principle Clinical Research Associate for an International Pharmaceutical Research Company *aka* she monitors clinical trials for medications to ensure safety before they come to market...awesome!

 Teresa is a Client Services Senior Supervisor for a Major IT, consulting and outsourcing company here in Nashville. She is a super-organized woman and is also the immediate past president of my sorority chapter here in Nashville!

My cousin Diseree was in town from Houston to celebrate her birthday here in the great city of Nashville! She is a 4th grade teacher.....oh, how we love and need good teachers! She also working on her Masters Degree in Counseling

My cousin's friend Brittany is an accountant with a University in the state of Alabama. I'm sure she is glad tax season is over!

Rhonda is a Lead Software Automation Engineer at a major University here in Nashville. She really is a tech nerd...very cool!

 And then there's me, Dr. Carmen April :-) I am a Podiatrist here in Nashville and the owner of my practice, The Foot And Ankle Healthcare Center, PC (www.myfoothealthonline.com)

And here's some of what we ate!!

 Lobster Mac & Cheese

Crab Stuffed Avocado

 Shrimp & Grits

I've never seen Shrimp & Grits presented this way before....how cute!

 Pear and Apple Salad

Lobster Guacamole


Chicken and Waffles

This was my dish....Loved it!

The fresh fruit was sweet and delicious.....

 My "Thank You for coming" parting gift for my guests was a Nashville Original - GooGoo Cluster!

 We played a game of Table Topics which was a blast and helped us really get to know each other a little better :-)

Group Picture!

I had an absolute blast with these intelligent, fun ladies:-) Somehow, this just smells of an annual Derby Brunch event!! What do you think?

-Dr. April

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