Monday, April 15, 2013

Show Me Some Bloggin' Love!

Show Me Some Bloggin' Love!

I received quite a few shout-outs last week on and about the blog and I want to say Thanks a Bunch!

* First, Huey's Restaurant in Memphis gave me a cool shout out for featuring them and one of their delicious burgers on the blog!

* Then, Former Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver and current Life Coach Chris Sanders was very appreciative and gave me a great shout out for the blog post I did of my interview with him.

* I have so much fun bringing you blog posts! I am honored that a fellow blogger, who happens to consider herself a nerd as well, decided to feature ME on her blog!!!! How cool is that :-) Here's a screenshot of part of her post about me......

Diane is the blogger at The Blog Nerds ( ) - I told you she is a fellow NERD! She enjoys reading my blog and gave me a great review! Diane, for this I say:

 "Thanks for showing me some blogging Love!"

You can check out her blog featuring my blog HERE !

--Dr. April

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