Friday, April 5, 2013

Huey's : My first Huey's Burger Memphis, TN!

Huey's : My first Huey's Burger - Memphis, TN

In March 2013, I descended upon Memphis, TN along with over 3,000 of my lovely sorority sisters for our Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc - South Eastern Regional Conference ( Shout out to my AWESOME sorority -  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. After a long day of meetings and workshops some of my sorority sisters and I wanted food that was authentically Memphis! We decided to check out Huey's  - a Memphis staple for good burgers!

I decided to try the Huey's Old Tyme A1 Burger with Cheddar, Swiss and Jack cheeses, topped with sizzling bacon, sauteed mushrooms, hand-cut onion straws and drizzled with A1 sauce......Yum!

Huey's Old Tyme A1 Burger

I don't know about you but, I love a bunch of "stuff" on my burgers and this fits the bill for that burger preference of mine.......I loved it!

If you've ever been in Huey's, you must have noticed the thousands of toothpicks making a home for themselves in the ceiling! Of course I had to figure out how to get my toothpick up there on that ceiling too. After a brief explanation from one of the waiters, I loaded the toothpick into my straw, tilted my head to as close to a 90 angle that I could get and blew, with all my might, straight toward the ceiling! To my disappointment, my toothpick came falling down and hit one of my friends in the head...oops!

Being one to not give up when it comes to stuff like this, I reloaded my straw, concentrated a little harder and once again....blew into the straw with all my might! This time my toothpick made its home among the thousands of other toothpicks on Huey's ceiling for Ever and Ever and Ever ( or whenever it gets too packed up there and Huey's decides to take them all down!)

Check out all those toothpicks in the ceiling!
(photo credit: Huey's Website)

Until next time Memphis!!!

--Dr. April

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