Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Food For Thought - New Addition to DInner With Nerds

- Food For Thought: New Addition to Dinner With Nerds -

I'm SO excited about some new additions that I am making to the Dinner With Nerds Blog! 

I've received such great feedback on my posts from you, my readers, that I have decided to add something NEW and EXCITING:


I often share brief words of inspiration and encouragement with friends on my Facebook page and  they seem to resonate. It's amazing how just a couple words of wisdom can brighten someone's day!

 As I was praying to God for direction in various areas of my life, He revealed to me that since my Dinner With Nerds Blog is already a platform that uplifts and encourages by telling the story of other successful people, I could offer some of those words of encouragement that help me navigate my life's journey with you. I will post FOOD FOR THOUGHT Sessions periodically here on the blog and hope you enjoy them!

I have been blessed with some of the most AMAZING family and friends a girl could ever ask for!! These folks are such an inspiration to me through their words and actions that I plan to ask some of them to share some FOOD FOR THOUGHT topics with you from time to time as well.

Have a great day and lookout for the first official FOOD FOR THOUGHT Session coming soon!!

-Dr. April


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