Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Food For Thought - Learning to Wait

- FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Learning to Wait -

Any one of us who has flown recently knows that waiting in long lines at the airport can be a pain! We have such busy lives that the last thing we want to do is to WAIT in a long line at the airport. After all, Air travel is supposed to be the quickest way to travel, right?

 (Photo Credit: Neenjames.com)

Most airlines will actually have passengers line up at the gate PRIOR to the plane coming into the gate. Even though we don't see the plane at the gate, we have been informed that the plane is on its way. Therefore, we stand in line preparing for the plane's arrival. 

We can apply this same philosophy to our lives. It may seem that everyone else around us receives blessings before we do and we often wonder when what we have been wanting and praying for is going to manifest. However, we have to trust and believe that the promises that God has made us are coming! We don't know exactly when the blessing will arrive but, we can prepare for it's arrival. We can stand in the line of preparation - ready to receive our blessing!

-- Dr. April

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