Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring time is HERE at Dinner With Nerds!

Spring Time Is Here @ Dinner With Nerds!

Even though the first day of Spring in Nashville saw temperatures in the 40's, in my mind, flowers were blooming, bright green leaves on trees were swaying in the breeze and bunny rabbits were hopping along in the fields! Like I said......that was all in my mind :-)

The change of seasons has encouraged me to Spring-i-fy (Yes, I just TOTALLY made up that word!) some of my pictures of the Dinner With Nerds Site and Blog!

Green has always been my favorite color which could be one of the reasons why I LOVE Spring so much! My Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority colors are Pink & Green so I wear a lot of it on a fairly regular basis - Case in point...........See below

What are you doing to Spring-i-fy your life this year??

--Dr. April

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