Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nashville City Club - A Little Taste of The Bay

A Little Taste of the Bay @ The Nashville City Club

A while back I mentioned that I had an absolutely fantastic crab cake at my "dining room away from home" - The Nashville City Club. Of course, since it was lunch and I was already there, I had to indulge in some other fabulous Cuisine that Executive Chef John Williams was cooking up and I've included them here for your viewing pleasure as well!

Fruit Tea....you can never go wrong with fruit tea (especially when you add a couple of packets of Splenda to it!)

A little bread with my fruit tea made was a good start to a Great lunch!

TaaaaDaaaaaa! Here it is - the AMAZING Crab Cake that I have been raving about! How many of you have ever had a crab cake that had more "cake" than crab?!?!? I have and those are certainly not my favorites. The beauty of this crab cake is that there is waaaaaaaay more actual crab meat than breading and I love it! The blood orange salsa and the caramelized onion aioli adds an intensity of flavor that perfectly compliments the crab cake itself!

Crab Cake with caramelized onion aioli and blood orange salsa

So NICE I had to show it twice! Crab Cake with Caramelized onion aioli, blood orange salsa

Here are those scrumptious Fried Green Tomatoes again!!I love the accents of local Cheddar Pimento Cheese, country ham, chow chow
Fried Green Tomatoes

BBQ Char - Crispy onions, local pepper jack grits, braised spinach, blood orange "Q"
Yum Yum! The flavorful BBQ skin of this fish coupled with the smooth and savory grits is Amazing!

Free Range Chicken - Sharp Cheddar Mash Potatoes, braised greens, roasted corn & tomato jus
I loved that the greens had a nice little "kick" to them! The cheddar mash potatoes were To-die-for!

This was my first time having a Pear Crisp and boy was I surprised with the goodness. The warm diced pears just kind of melted in my mouth :-). This was also my first time having brown butter ice cream and the warm creaminess of it paired perfectly with the sweetness of the pears!

Pear Crisp - Oat crumble, brown butter ice cream, almond tuile

How can I forget about the raspberries!!! Pretty awesome!

Whew.......... What an amazing lunch!!! Now all I need to do is take a visit to a shore in Maryland and listen to Otis Redding sing "Sitting on the dock of the Bay"

In case you forgot the words to the song, I've included it here for you to listen to LOL!

Have a great day!!!!

--Dr. Carmen April

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